This is My Dream. This is My End Game.

This is my dream: to establish a non-profit (or proceeds will go to chosen charity) club named Gunpla Builders Philippines (of-course we will have to ask Bandai for the proper rights on the word Gunpla Builders) . What is Gunpla Builders … Continue reading

My Current Collection Line-up

Hi! I just wanted to show you guys my current gunpla collection, and along with that I took new profile photographs of each of my gunplas to update my collection page. Progress in collecting gunplas has slowed down due to … Continue reading

LoZ Gift Series Diamond Blocks: Minion Dave

I have always been fascinated by the simplicity and elegance of building blocks. You can build anything you want with your imagination, up to the physical limitations of the blocks. I remember seeing the Nanoblocks for the first time in … Continue reading