Where to buy Gunpla?

For this page I will tackle the topic of Where to buy Gunpla?

I have two main stores where I buy my Gunpla kits locally here in the Philippines, they are Wasabi Toys and Great Toys Online.

Wasabi Toys :

Wasabi Toys is located at Blue Lane, 3rd Floor Shoppseville, Greenhills. San Juan City, Philippines. They have a nice range of Japanese toys and collectibles to choose from, whether it be Figma, Nendoroids, S.H. Figuarts Kamen Riders or Gunpla kits. Wasabi Toys along with Great Toys Online, are among the most cheapest resellers (with outlet stores) of Japanese toys and collectibles in my country (that I know of). Other stores from the same mall and area would sell the same products at a much higher price (sometimes really, insanely overpriced!) and sell bootlegs which I really really hate!.

They have a nice straight forward website design that you can easily navigate, find products you want, pre-order updates and new arrival updates. You can register and receive updates via email (like a newsletter) when new pre-orders and new arrivals are available, pretty convenient! Upon registration, you can also apply for pre-orders online as well!

They usually participate in Toy/Anime Conventions and you can find them selling their available products there.

This is their website : http://www.wasabitoys.com/index.asp

Great Toys Online :

Great Toys Online outlet/retail main store is located at Unit S-3029 / S-3030 (former Blue Lane) 3rd Floor, Shoppesville Bldg, Greenhills
(Above Daiso, Payless Shoe Store and Giordano in Shoppesville building). Its just beside Wasabi Toys!

They have other branches that can be found here : http://www.greattoysonline.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=6

One thing I like about Great Toys Online (GTO) is their supply, they have a huge supply of Gunpla kits and other Japanese toys and collectibles! Although the main outlet store is a little cramped up and hard to go around, but hell if you want to buy a cheap HG Gunpla kit, I wouldn’t mind browsing through the claustrophobic aisles!

Here is their websitehttp://www.greattoysonline.com/index.php?route=common/home

You can apply for a membership card at their store too and avail of 10% discount on all their products for only 200 PhP for 2 years membership! That is helluva deal! If you’re planning to buy something at GTO, better apply for a membership A.S.A.P.! Imagine buying an MG kit worth 3,000 PhP, you can get it for only 2,700 PhP instead! Saved 300 PhP that you can use for a snack, or better buy some Gundam Markers or paint if you don’t have one yet, its also enough to buy an action base! The membership card design is not bad too! You can avail discounts at other partner stores like Star Sports and TOPCOMS.

There are other stores where you can buy Gunpla kits, but as I said earlier, they are already overpriced and some are stupid bootlegs!

There are other online resellers of Gunpla that are cheaper but you have to wait for the shipments to arrive if the product is to be ordered. A list of online Gunpla resellers in the Philippines can be found on the link below this page. 🙂

You can also order online through the popular Hobby Link Japan although I haven’t tried it myself due to the expensive shipping cost and the insane customs tax here in my country!  Its better to buy locally, UNLESS you’re that RICH and can’t wait for the new kits to arrive at local stores! XD

Here are other online stores that I know of :

My advice for fellow Gunpla collectors in the Philippines, just wait for the kit you want to arrive (local pre-orders), be patient and save money, rather spending it on shipping and insane government tax just for your product to arrive earlier than local stores. 🙂

*EDIT* March 18, 2012 10:00pm

I found a list of Gunpla shops here at Gundam Ph, hope this helps too! :


Hope this page helps those people who are interested in buying Gunpla kits! 🙂


38 thoughts on “Where to buy Gunpla?

  1. Hi sir,
    any updates this 2013 to where to buy gunpla?
    any stories about online stores,shipping etc?

    thanks and more power love the site


  2. Hi, thnx sa tutorial sa GT kah dn pla bumibili. ahahaha. Meron ako nakita sa net nail buffer nmn ung ginamit para sa pag sanding.
    Meron po ba kyong tip para nmn sa mga clear parts, meron kc akong mga ibng kits nah clear lahat ng mga plates.


    1. Oh my, cutting clear parts are more challenging. My only tip is to use a very very sharp side cutters, preferably a new tamiya one, then cut the piece very slowly (clamping/closing the cutter very slowly with your hands if you can imagine what I mean) so as to prevent stress on the clear plastic and prevent the change of clear plastic color. 🙂


    1. Nice! Nice timing too! Bumagsak kasi Japanese Yen, kaya mas mura na ngayon ang mga Gunpla. I suggest buying at Wasabi Toys sa Greenhills, they’re my favorite store currently kasi mura and may bago sila usually. Check mo website nila pwede ka mag order sa website. I suggest also watching Gundam Build Fighters Try na anime para mas inspire ka in my opinion, kahit yung first anime ng gundam build fighers okay din for inspiration, or better yung Unicorn movies! Pinaka maganda na design ng mga gunpla para sa akin eh yung mga nasa Unicorn series. 😀


    1. Supplier? Maybe Bandai. Most stores usually order from Bandai or other international online stores that sell gunpla kits. Then they buy in bulk and maybe have cheaper shipping options or 3rd party shipper. Kung local, not sure kung kikita ka if buying from other cheaper stores.


  3. hi sir, i stumbled upon your site and I want to start to collect gundam model kits again. To bring back some childhood memories of mine, what can you suggest that i can start of with again? what kind of gundam series? and as much as possible on the cheaper range around less than 1k thanks.. and can you suggest where can i buy them thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ralph! Thanks for visiting my site! I’m glad to be able to encourage other people in collecting gundam model kits again. To answer your question, I would recommend the latest series HGBF (High Grade Build Fighters), they are less than 1k and I would recommend buying them at Wasabi toys at Greenhills Shopsville. You can also try watching the anime series Gundam Build Fighters Try for additional motivation. In the end the model kit of choice is down to your preference 😀


      1. Hehe I just read your reply, but I was too excited earlier and I went to wasabi toys earlier to check their available kits and I saw they have the Gundam Wing endless waltz series, I really felt i have to get them cause that’s the first gundam series i watched and the firsts gundam models i used to own, so i ended up buying 2 hehe. Iv’d already finished watching Gundam Build Fighters try hehe

        Quick question sir, what can I use for markers and I want to do some panel linings any suggestions? thanks


              1. Sorry to ask too many questions but, earlier i bought 3 more gundam kits and found out that they came with a stand.. It’s from gundam 00 and seed destiny.. are all gundams from those series comes with a stand? or i just got lucky? hehe

                Also do you have an fb account so I could ask you more questions hehe or is there a forum that is phil base? than you

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  4. hi sir, i stumbled upon your site may I ask what time or days does wasabi toys are open? are they accepting payments via LBC or palawan express? I just want to know because most of my model kits are brought from SM and it is way to expensive, and because You mostly recommend wasabi toys I would like to know those informations 😀 hoping for your reply


          1. Now I’m going to wait for them to reply my texts can’t wait to order a bunch of them since I can Save a lot of money rather than buying at the toy kingdom the price of their gunpla is insanely HIGH!


              1. My latest gunpla That I brought from toy kingdom is 1/144 amazing exia and it cost me 1,350php it’s way too overpriced! does the cell number of wasabi still active? I tried texting them but there are no replies


  5. Hi gusto ko po mgstart ng gunpla pede nio po ba aq bigyan ng tips at kung ano ung mga dapat bibilhin.. ty.. Nakita ko kasi un gunpla sa sm manila interesado aq mgbuild newbie pa lng po ako sa ganto kasi college student pa lang aq..


    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. You can try buying kits at Greenhills Shopseville, mas mura kasi dun kaysa sa toy kingdom or sm. You just need a nice pair of plastic cutter, hobby shops usually sell these but I do recommend buying a Tamiya brand diagonal cutter if you plan on building a lot of kits! You can find more tips here in my tools section: https://gunbies.com/how-tos-tips-and-tricks-tutorials/tools-of-mass-gunpla-building/


  6. Hi Sir, I would like to apologize for being off topic. It’s great that you write a blog where we could get great deals on gundam kits. I would like to ask if you would be willing to spead the word on “hobbiworkz” mini compressors and airbrushes.. We gladly welcome it if you decide to make a blog about our products too..


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