Gunpla Decal Application Tutorial (Dry Transfer and Water Slide)

Hi guys! Here’s another article that I wrote for fromjapan. Ever finished an MG kit then you saw how massive the amount of decals were? And you were just so intimidated and afraid that you’ll ruin your kit that you did not go through with applying the decals? Well, be afraid not! Because it’s just intimidating but not really hard to do if you get the hang of it! Here’s the article that I wrote about application of dry transfer and water slide decals. Enjoy! And I hope it helps out fellow Gunpla hobbyists out there! 🙂


RG 1/144 MSM-07S Z’Gok

Hello viewers! I present to you my 3rd Real Grade kit after 3 years! The first two kits that I posted in this blog 3 years ago was RG Aile Strike and RG Zaku II, man that was a long time. I planned to collect all the RG kits years ago, but I haven’t followed through, anyway, RG kits still amaze me, I have to buy more of these kits. I just wish MG kits have this level of detail.

This mobile suit is Char Aznable’s Z’Gok as obviously denoted by the color of the suit; a nice combination of red tones. The MS is pretty simple but looks good on display. Everybody loves a mono-eyed mobile suit right? right?!? XD Okay not everybody, but you have to admit, there is some kind of appeal mono-eyed mobile suits have.

Enjoy the photos!:










The mono-eye can be moved with 360 degrees of freedom sidewards as well us 90 degrees upward.



Front cockpit can be opened:







Z’Gok high kick!



Some push-ups to work those crabby muscles:






Things I don’t like about this kit:

1. Knee armor is a bit loose, that’s the only minor problem.

Thing I like about this kit:

1. Details are amazing

2. Clear stickers/decals are a lot.

3. Articulation is at its best.

4. The mono-eye can be moved.

5. Realistic propellers are included that is on the bottom of his feet and his backpack though I forgot to take photos of those.

6. Different tones of red for his armor

7. Has an inner frame as all RG does anyway.

That’s it! I definitely recommend this kit to all fellow Gunpla hobbyists! Till next time! 🙂

My Current Collection Line-up

Hi! I just wanted to show you guys my current gunpla collection, and along with that I took new profile photographs of each of my gunplas to update my collection page.

Progress in collecting gunplas has slowed down due to daily life events. I hope I can collect and review more gunpla kits and take quality photographs like when this blog was just starting. I had much passion years back when I started collecting gunpla, I hope to rekindle it and not let my airbrush kit go to waste haha! 🙂

Here is my current gunpla collection and corresponding links to posts:

Real Grade 1/144

zakuMS-06S Zaku II aile strikeGAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam

High Grade 1/144

hi-vRX-93-V2 Hi-V Gundam destinyZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam
nemoMSA-003 Nemo x-dividerGX-9900-FV Gundam X Divider
rx-121RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 titusGundam AGE-1 Titus
gp02aRX-78GP02A Gundam GP02A age-2 normalGundam AGE-2 Normal
unicornRX-0 Unicorn Gundam unicorn bansheeRX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee
aegisGAT-X303 Aegis Gundam goufMS-07B-3 Gouf Custom
aheadGNX-704T Ahead marasaiRMS-108 Marasai
ghirargaXVT-ZGC Ghirarga qubeleyAMX-004-2 Qubeley Mk-II
gafranGafran garazzoGNZ-005 Garazzo
zaku3AMX-011 Zaku-III gaplantORX-005 Gaplant TR-5
neue zielNeue Ziel

Master Grade 1/100

strike freedom ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam rx-78 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka
guntank RX-75 Guntank tallgeese OZ-00MS Tallgeese
heavyarmsXXXG-01H Heavyarms Gundam rick domMS-09R Rick-Dom

No Grade 1/100

ariosGN-007 Arios Gundam cherudimGN-006 Cherudim Gundam
avalanche exiaGN-001 Avalanche Exia


revoltech Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion13 cattleyaNendoroid 133b Cattleya
mikuruMikuru Asahina bunnyMiyuki Takara
fate1/7 Fate Testarossa danboMini Danbo
DSC_2127Figma Haruhi Suzumiya Movie Ver. DSC_21411/8 Metamo Tsuruya San Neko Version


DSC_2132 Nanoblocks Kaminarimon DSC_2131 Nanoblocks Grand Piano
DSC_2138 Nanoblocks Drum Set
DSC_2129 Nanoblocks Electric Guitar DSC_2137Nanoblocks Space Center
daveNanoblocks Dave

Here’s how they look in my display cabinet, time to clean! 
DSC_2118DSC_2126DSC_2125DSC_2121Till next post! 🙂

My Collection

RG 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam

Made a page dedicated to listing my collection! Here it is :

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What is Gunpla?

I’ve reorganized my “What is Gunpla” page and this is what I came up with:

So what is Gunpla?

Gunpla is Gundam + plastic model, it is from the Japanese word ガンプラ Ganpuraand it is manufactured by Bandai!

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