Hi, I simply love building things. I used to play Lego back when I was younger and since then, I came to love building/assembling things as well as taking them apart. The first time I got a Gunpla kit (this was back in the 90’s, maybe I was around 10 years old, the kit was an HG 1/144 Gundam X) I was immediately hooked into Gunpla, but the sad thing is, the kits are quite expensive compared to the usual toys that my parents could afford (The Legos were also expensive). After my first Gunpla kit, no other kits followed because of the price tag.

But my desire to build another Gunpla kit was never gone, up until college. I took up Computer Engineering and you can already guess why. I attended toy conventions and the like and every time I saw Gunpla kits on display my heart would race! So I started to save some funds to buy myself a Gunpla kit in these events, after a while I was able to buy one and this was around 2007 when the latest Gundam TV series was 00 Gundam if I’m not mistaken (the kit I bought was an HG 1/144 00 Raiser). And so my appetite for Gunpla kits grew and grew, but still the problem was insufficient funds. I endured until I was an employed adult, now that I’m a working citizen of my country and have a monthly salary, I could now buy Gunpla kits to feed my yearning for assembling things.

And it continues up until now! Anything that I can build and assemble I enjoy. Bring me an IKEA furniture that needs assembling and I would gladly assemble it for you for free! Joking aside, I plan to continue my Gunpla passion in the years to come and share my experiences to fellow bloggers, modelers and even people who don’t know anything about Gunpla! I want to inspire other people and have them venture in the world of Gunpla through my photos and entries and let them see how amazing these kits are!


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  1. I actually like the layout alot, although the posts could use the “read-more” feature. That way you can show a few posts on your front page by giving a summary through a pic or a short paragraph with a pic.


  2. did you use the read more function while you were editing/creating posts?

    the feature is embedded there and should work on all themes.

    the icon is right next to the proof read icon when you are editing/creating your posts…

    here’s where

    so after you place your cursor where you want the “teaser” content to end you press it.


  3. Hi, interesting blog you have here, i really like how you do your gundam reviews in a comic book format. It’s unique as you don’t see many others doing it in this style, but it’s also well executed! 😀 Oh, by the way, i just started a new blog with some friends and might you be interested in exchanging links?


  4. Wow, a fellow Filipino Gunpla blogger! Cool! Thanks for following my little corner of the internet, really appreciate it! On that note, would you mind a link exchange?


  5. Hi there, nice blog by the way, informative and inspiring. I’m not much into model building due to budget restrictions and my skill set seems to be not focused on the art, although I own a few cheapo SD and bargain HG gunpla models way back in HS til my early years in college (sadly already lost some when our house underwent a major renovation a couple of years back).
    Anyway, I currently have a PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom with Pearl Coating version kit (A gift from my gf when she went for a leisure trip to SG) that’s been collecting dust in my room for more than a year now and finally decided to build it, but since it is my first and only really expensive model I kinda like it to have a special finish so I’ve been researching for tips on panel lining, top coating and stuff. Any professional tips on how to handle my said kit?
    I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to panel lining and coating my gunpla due to the special nature of the plastic surface lol. Also I’ve been hunting for ages for a PG action base/stand here and in SG but sadly no luck 😦 any recommendations where to get one?:) Oh and when I said hunting here I only browsed in Marquee Mall and Tarlac City where I hail from lol. Not really that keen on travelling much locally so I didn’t get the chance to scour for gunpla stuff in Manila.
    Thanks, God bless and more power 🙂


    1. Thank you Anthony! Congratulations on your PG Wing Zero and the fact that it is the pearl coating version, that is already quite expensive. I have not yet the chance to by myself a PG, but someday I will. From what I know, that PG Wing Zero Pearl Coating ver. already looks awesome after straight build!! I wouldn’t suggest any top coating anymore since it will just ruin the nice pearl coating! Some people buy the normal one and paint their own pearl coating just to get the pearl coating effect (because the pearl coat version is just too expensive). My advice is for you to build it straight but cleanly, clean the nib marks neatly. Then it is up to you if you want to panel line it, again I wouldn’t suggest spraying a topcoat on a PG pearl coat kit. You can buy all your gunpla needs like gundam markers, or copic markers (my favorite for panel lining) in Greenhills Shopsville! Try to wind Great Toys Online or Wasabi Toys or Cold Fire, you buy great gunpla kits there at low prices and some stands and markers too if there are available. Hope my information helps! =3


      1. Hey thanks so much 🙂 whew so I guess I’ll start the building process then since the topcoat issue is the only thing that’s been hindering me as of the moment lol. Panel lining can be done anytime even after building the kit right? Thanks for the tip 🙂 I’ll be sure to visit the shop/s you mentioned since I really want an action stand/base so I could pose my zero similar to the one in Endless Waltz with wings spread and all, like an angel descending from heaven lol. BTW is Php15000 for a PG Strike Gundam expensive or a real steal?? Just curious lol. Saw one at Toy Kingdom in Marquee Mall Pampanga. Maybe that could be your first PG if you’re interested with the model and price 😉 Dual wield poses rocks 😉


        1. OMG! mura nga doon sa site na binigay mo O_O Gundam Astray Red Frame PG drool……and the PG Strike gundam is like more than half the price of what I saw at TK in Marquee >_<


        2. Yes that’s correct, you can do panel lining anytime of the building process, what I like about Gundam Markers or the Copic marker is that they are easy to erase using a normal rubber eraser to clean them if you make a mistake. You’re very much welcome! Yeah that would be a cool pose! That price is kinda expensive, Toy Kingdom really puts a big mark-up on gunpla price, so I don’t buy there :p


  6. I’ve remember when I was in elem my dad would by me Gunpla when I can make it to the Top 10 in class, got a 1/100 Deathscythe Hell.
    After elem I’ve stop collecting cuz I don’t have funds, and started recollecting in 2007 because of Gundam00 which replace Gundam W as my fav Gundam series and Exia as my fav gundam of all time. Right now I have 30+ completed gunpla and 30+ on stockpile 😀
    Cuz Exia is my fav Gundam currently I have 10 Exia(s) ranging from 1/60, MG to SD

    this is my page on FB where I and my friend post our collections, not really active right now bcuz of work.


    1. Wow that is quite a collection! I also want to have a large collection, but space constraints are a problem at my current room. XD Exia is quite cool and I wouldn’t disagree that it would be a favorite MS of anyone! I’ll check it out! 😀 Thanks!


  7. Hello,just wanted to stop by to say what a wonderful website you have. I look forward to pursuing our passion in Gunpla together! Just recently I bought my first Gunplas. A HG Guntank and Guncannnon! I spent almost all day today assembling Guntank but it was worth it. : )

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