Lego Shell V-Power Finish Line and Podium Collectible

At last! I have completed the whole set of Lego Shell V-Power collection with this last set! The finish line and podium. They look nice all together. Enjoy the photos! 🙂 Advertisements

Lego Shell V-Power Shell Station Collectible

Hello everyone! Got the chance to gas up yesterday and I barely reached the needed amount to avail another Lego Shell V-Power collectible. I only have one more to collect! Hope I make it before the promotion ends. 🙂 Enjoy … Continue reading

Illidan Stormrage Deluxe Collector Figure

Here’s the next WoW figure, Illidan Stormrage! Enjoy the images!

Figma : Haruhi Suzumiya [Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ver.]

At last I got myself a Figma! Why did I get a Figma when what I collect are gundams? well.. any japanese toy collector would understand.. right guys? haha! 🙂

Grand Piano Nanoblock

I’ve finally built my Grand Piano Nanoblock given to me last December. I decided to build it on my birthday yesterday! Its simple to build and it looks elegant! 🙂