Asia Pop Comic Con 2015

Hello guys! Sorry for the lack of posts since I’m currently busy with life. Anyways, I attended today the first Philippines international comic con (if I’m not mistaken). It’s the Asia Pop Comic Con 2015. It’s definitely a must see convention! It features some international celebrities, cos-players and other popular icons. The minimum entrance fee is 500php, the lines were very organized compared to other local conventions. You can see some of the event’s details below as I also uploaded some pages of the event guide. You know it’s legit when they provide a comprehensive event guide. Just go there and see for yourself! Last chance tomorrow! 🙂

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Lego Shell V-Power Finish Line and Podium Collectible

At last! I have completed the whole set of Lego Shell V-Power collection with this last set! The finish line and podium. They look nice all together. Enjoy the photos! 🙂DSC_4621




Lego Shell V-Power Shell Station Collectible

Hello everyone! Got the chance to gas up yesterday and I barely reached the needed amount to avail another Lego Shell V-Power collectible. I only have one more to collect! Hope I make it before the promotion ends. 🙂 Enjoy the photos!DSC_4530











Lego Shell V-Power Miniature Vehicle Collection

Hello everyone! Who doesn’t love Lego? I’ve always loved building blocks! This is the second time the Shell sold Lego vehicle models as the V-Power promotion. You can buy one model for Php150.00 when you gas up Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing worth Php1500.00. I hope I can complete every model since I did not get to collect them all on the last promotion. If I remember correctly, the promotion will only last until January 31, 2014. Enjoy the models!

Shell Tanker:







Yellow Ferrari:DSC_4460







Blue Ferrari:DSC_4467








Red Ferrari:DSC_4477








Models left to collect:

– Red F1 Ferrari

– Shell Station

– Racing Station

And since gas prices are going down, it’s harder to collect them! Is it a good or a bad thing? I barely reached Php1500.00 to gas up full tank from empty tank in today’s gas prices.

Toy Convention 2014 Philippines

Hi guys! I went to the 2nd day of the Philippine Toy Convention 2014! And here is my photo coverage for the event. 🙂

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LoZ Gift Series Diamond Blocks: Minion Dave

DSC_1597 copy

I have always been fascinated by the simplicity and elegance of building blocks. You can build anything you want with your imagination, up to the physical limitations of the blocks. I remember seeing the Nanoblocks for the first time in Singapore, and given that I have loved building blocks since I was a child, I instantly fell in love with the product, but not with its hefty price tag. Same with Lego building blocks, they’re quite expensive to fit into my budget and collect.

Then here comes an cheaperimitation” for the Nanoblocks, yay! =3

Introducing LoZ Gift Series Diamond Blocks: Minion Dave:

DSC_1605 copy

Minion Dave is from the movie Despicable Me, if you haven’t watched the movie, you’re missing out! :p

Blocks count is 260 pieces according to the box, but I didn’t take the effort to count the block myself. It is challenging to build this guy because of the small blocks.

DSC_1606 copy

DSC_1588 copy

Of course it comes with instructions on how to build this guy.

DSC_1604 copy

It took me around 45 minutes to build him since I had trouble in the first few steps. It would be wise to have a pair of tweezers around to handle them, especially that I have thick fingers.

DSC_1602 copy

Some areas I built crudely since it was really hard to handle the single unit blocks.

DSC_1601 copy

While building, he seems to be flimsy at first, but when you finally complete Dave, he seems sturdy enough.

DSC_1600 copy

DSC_1599 copy

His back right side looks shitty, was lazy to fix it anymore. XD Anyway I’ll be displaying him front faced.

DSC_1598 copy

DSC_1597 copy

DSC_1594 copy

They have a lot more other characters on sale and I will be exploring them. 🙂

I miss blogging here and building gunplas, I hope I can allot time again for my hobby since I am busy right now with financial duties. 😀

Till next time! Thank you for viewing! 🙂

Here are the instruction sheet for people requesting it:

Scan_20141126 (2) Scan_20141126

Hot Wheels, Lego Racers, Yondaime no Kunai and Dragon Flash Drive

DSC_0006 Hi everyone! Just a mini photoshoot of some toys I have on display. Hope you enjoy! =3 1st up is a Hot Wheels Nitro Scorcher: Continue reading “Hot Wheels, Lego Racers, Yondaime no Kunai and Dragon Flash Drive”