DIY Airbrush and Spray Booth Prototype

Hi guys! I’ve always wanted to buy myself a spray booth for airbrushing activities, but premade ones are so expensive and I’ve been informed that they actually don’t do the job well and break easily as oppose to making your own spray booth. So I decided to make a cheap one(but actually performs better than premade ones) myself! And here’s my prototype, it’s a bit crudely made but I’m genuinely surprised it actually works pretty good!

Materials used:

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Tamiya Spray-Work Basic Air Compressor w/ Airbrush Review

Tamiya Spray-Work

I decided to up my game in my hobby and so I recently bought a Tamiya Spray-Work basic air compressor w/ airbrush kit. I could not find any comprehensive or detailed enough review about this product on the internet, so it’s nice if someone wanting to buy this set could find a review for this product. That’s why I’m making one!:

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Tools of Mass Gunpla Building Update


Hi guys! I have updated my tools page, it’s been a year since I’ve updated them and my tools have grown and evolved through time. You can read it here or navigate above.

MG 1/100 Sinanju (GaoGao/TT HongLi) (K.-O. kit)

DSC_0008Hello guys! At last, after hours of struggling and battling with low levels of enthusiasm, I have accomplished my first knock-off gunpla kit! Continue reading “MG 1/100 Sinanju (GaoGao/TT HongLi) (K.-O. kit)”