MG 1/100 MS-09R Rick Dom

Rick Dom! I’ve always wanted these mass production mobile suits, I don’t know why, maybe I just like one-eyed antagonist mobile suits? like Zaku II? or maybe just to have an “other than the usual gundam” type model.. 😀

He’s a part of my New Year loot this January! He’s a really an old model as you will see in the next series of images.

Let’s start first with the box:

The box is pretty old and a bit damaged, its original price was 2400PHP, I haggled and bought him for 2070PHP instead because of the damaged box and that he is really old! The box even has its old price tag in Japanese Yen, this must be bought straight from a gunpla store in Japan long ago.. 😀

When you open the box, there is another sheet of cardboard that has the actual model printed on it. Check out its big ass bazooka! Its one of the reasons I want this kit, despite its simplicity and age.

Here are the runners and the instruction manual, one disadvantage in buying old stocked gunpla kits is that the stickers, especially the colored clear ones, like the sticker for the eye and sorts, can be easily scratched off like crumbling paint.

I know there is another MG kit of DOM that is colored red or is it maroon? rather than purple, I think it is MS-09RS? I’m not so sure. XD

The instruction manual is also old school and is organized differently from the usual instruction manual that we see from the newer kits, maybe from the year 2005 and above? I don’t know when they changed the style of their instruction manual, but in this old one, building the kit is not organized strictly part by part, for example, the first step would be the shoulder armor, then the fingers, then the head, then the hand, something like that, the parts are jumbled up not like in the newer kits where instructions are part by part, the arms and hands first, then the legs and feet and so on. You know what I mean.

You can see the kits age here ^

And here he is! I modified him a teeny tiny bit, I’ll go over it in a while, Let’s start with his head first!

Its eye is a clear part,  It came with a pink sticker but instead I painted it using a red Gundam marker to look cooler. 😀 Its eye can move four directions in the x and y axis as you can see, the head can also look to the left and right when already positioned on the body, but it can only tilt it heads up and down a little bit.

I accidentally scratched some red paint off its eye, i’ll just retouch it.

I’m pretty satisfied with its head although it is simple, Cyclops! 😀 He does look like a robotic cyclops giant right?

Next is his body:

I ruined some of its decals due to the its brittleness from old age, I did my best to put them on properly. The body is pretty sturdy, there is a small hatch that can be opened near its lower belly, I accidentally broke the hatch though, fixed it up with some super glue, sanded it, applied top coat and now it’s not noticeable that I broke it! Behind the hatch, the pilot can be seen, I didn’t have pictures of him though, I don’t want to break the hatch again. 😀

I painted the circular thingy on his left chest gold before putting on the clear circular part, but I forgot to take off the clear part before spraying top coat on the body and it fogged. *face-palm* But it looks okay, right? RIGHT?! :)) You can also see here up close where I broke hatch T_T

He can do a little exercise. 🙂 Not that much articulation, but he still looks cool to me! 🙂

Here is the backside, its armor can be taken off to reveal the detail of the back thrusters.

The thrusters are originally gray, I painted the inner part red.

I painted the details, well some of it, gold. Just experimented. Does it look okay?

If you’re asking what are those white blotches on his shoulder armor? ITS SPACE DUST, nah I don’t really know why sometimes white blotches appear when I topcoat some armor pieces. I have to research about it.

Now for the arms and hands:

The arms are pretty simple and it does not really have an inner frame though, but the other parts have inner frames such as the leg and body, weird.

Oh I love the hands because its finger articulation is great! Every finger can be moved and each finger moves in 3 places. or 2? Im confused! :))

Next is the waist: Very simple waist too, front flaps can be ‘flapped’ open. Again with the white freaking blotches, let’s just pretend its space dust.

Painted the middle separation gold to look better, it was originally black.

He accidentally fell down to let us have a picture of the waist’s underside! It got thrusters! But didn’t bother to paint them red like the ones on the backside of the body, because it can’t be seen while standing anyways.

Now for its leg and feet:

He’s got a pair of large, and I mean really LARGE hind legs and feet! I bet it’ll hurt of you get kicked by one of these guys.

Again with the thrusters, its hind legs have three thrusters like the underside of the skirt. Didn’t paint them again.

Leg armor can be taken off to show detail. 😀 I used some gold paint on some details. Red on some.

Here are some images of his whole body:


Now to show off his weaponry and random poses!

Beam Bazooka! (the bigger gun), Texas Colony (smaller gun) and the lemon yellow beam saber:

Jedi Gundam Cyclops Knight? Here’s a pose from Master Yi from League of Legends. :))

bear hug!


Big ass bazooka huh?


Tested him out with my new action base with Gunpla logo on it! 😀

Reaching out for the beam saber.

Advantages :

1. Big ass bazooka! and a smaller big ass beam cannon!

2. Nice color scheme, different from the usual red, blue, white and yellow colors.

3. Nice eye/head unit, really like that part

4. He is quite large!

5. Nice inner details.

6. A different colored beam saber? And its opaque too.


1. Old stickers and decals are hard to put on!

2. Bigger armor surface area = more topcoat needed!

3. Less articulation than most MG gunpla kits.

4. Details cannot be seen unless armor is taken off.

5. A lot of nib marks to clean because of old design of runners.

Overall, I did not regret buying this kit and I ignore its advantages because he just looks cool standing there on my work table. A nice gunpla to have in a collection! 😀

Well that’s it for my MG 1/100 MS-09R Rick Dom! Till next time! wonder what I’m going to build next, can anyone guess? Or even suggest? 😀 You can comment on this post if you want to, just click the title to access the actual post and not just the home screen post. 😀

Asahina: なぜ私はここにいる?


13 thoughts on “MG 1/100 MS-09R Rick Dom

  1. nice pictures! I really dig mono-eyed suits as well. I think the other rick-dom you are referring to is Char’s Rick Dom.

    Anyways the ‘space dust’ normally happens when you topcoat too near, or the weather is too damp. It’s recommended to topcoat your gunpla further away and don’t spray too much at once. I had the same issue for my MG Sinanju and Alex as well. Just do it on really really hot days and it should be fine. =D


    1. Thanks! Oh yes! I remember now, It was Char’s! 😀

      Wow, thanks for the information and tip! So that’s why space dust appears on my gunplas, because the room where I spray has lower temperatures than usual, and I spray at night, I’m still learning to topcoat my gunplas perfectly. 🙂

      I’ll try to topcoat on sunny days 😀


  2. Hi! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’ve added you back. That is a nicely built kit you have there, and your photography setup is great too. I wonder if Bandai will ever release an MG Domtropen because that is my favourite Dom variation.


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