Figure Photoshoot: Nendoroid: Saber Super Moveable

Yeah, who doesn’t love Saber! Though I haven’t watched the original anime series, I find Saber a very appealing character, beautiful yet honorable and brave! Who would’ve thought that the one who was wielding the Excalibur, King Arthur, was a woman! In fact a very lovely lady! Yeah I have only watched the a Fate Zero series since I still don’t have the time to download the original series and watch them yet.

So I bought this at the Philippine ToyCon 2012! For a 10% off the original item’s price, and it was the last stock! Well I have this story to well.. well another rant that makes my face go like this:

Wish I could summon Saber and kick some ass during that time, well I was off to hunt something to buy for a special someone as a gift from the ToyCon event since she did not have the time to go, then I remembered she liked Saber!! So I went to hunt down a worth it Saber item. Then I remembered the Super Moveable version everyone was talking about (well read in other people’s blogs) and I found her very interesting despite her price.

So I found one at last! At a store in the ToyCon and they sold them at a very low price that made me really surprised! And yes it was not a bootleg, it sold at that store for only a price of 2200 Php! Its original price is around 3000Php, and while I was trying to find some other item(incase there’s a better item to buy for her), I keep going back to the store every now and then and ask the seller how much is that last price, and every time I went back to ask, they always said it was 2200PhP, that was like 4 times or so(I had to browse the whole place first to make sure, the convention was pretty big.. so you know the drill).

When I have decided to buy Saber, I withdrew some cash from the bank and went to that store to buy Saber at last, but to my utter disbelief, when I was going to buy her already, the price went up to 3000Php, and I was like “Are you joking me?!”. Well if course I didn’t say that, I just said: “Akala ko ba 2200 pesos yan? bakit naging 3000 bigla nung bibilhin ko na? Nakailang balik ako para itanong last price, 2200 pesos parating sinasabi niyo”(Translation: I though you’re selling it for 2200 pesos? Why did the price suddenly became 3000? I kept going back to your store to ask for the last price and everytime I came back you guys told me it was 2200 pesos.), then the store clerk just said: “Ay, 3000 pesos po yan eh”(Its 3000 pesos).

Yeah you can guess what I did, of course I didn’t buy it, it was a freaking joke of a seller! xd I just went off to find another store that might sell Saber. They should be ashamed of giving the wrong price, not just a single time but more than 4 times they told me the wrong price! Well I guess its their way of getting customers to pay higher prices.. some people get lazy and go with the higher price since they already browsed the whole place and withdrew money, good thing I mustered up some strength and decided not to buy it and have the patience in trying to find another store.

Well lucky me there’s another store that sells Saber Super Moveable version, they sold it for an honest price of 3000 pesos, and I managed to get a 10% discount so they only sold it to me for an honest price of 2700 pesos and I gladly bought it! Kudos to honest business people! And here she is, we opened the box together and took some pictures, even though its only a few photos, enjoy!

Its has a nice box! No damage and properly sealed. =3

It has 4 extra hands for handling the different Excaliburs and its corresponding scabbards. 2 face plates, and 3 sword with one that has the special effects and lastly two scabbards.

The detail is amazing!

You can see the small writings in great detail and accuracy! =3

No noticeable paint bleeds, great paint job! =3

This my favorite!~ Love clear parts! Even though you guys might not see it, it also has written characters on the blade! Just like the scabbard has! Its engraved on to the clear blade. =3

She is pretty moveable and poseable much like an MG gunpla I might compare. =3 Though we didn’t pose her so much since as everyone might already know, her arm keeps popping off. I think that’s the only problem with her, the popping shoulder joints haha! Nevertheless she’s really awesome!

She really looks great! I’m glad that the special someone I gave Saber to was happy to have received her! =3 Definitely a nice Nendoroid to buy if you’re into them =3 Very poseable, great facial expressions! A great swords! =3 Oh and her hair on the sides of her head are made of soft material so that it doesn’t get in the way of posing. 😀


17 thoughts on “Figure Photoshoot: Nendoroid: Saber Super Moveable

  1. You said it, mate! Shame on the store that tried to trick you! Good going there, searching for another store and not only you got what you wanted, but you also got it for 10% off! ^W^ Saber’s really cute as a Nendo, not to mention her =w=” face! (wonder when does saber actually show that kind of expression in the series??? o3o) Btw, really jealous of your friend who got this Nendo as a gift!!! Say hi to her/him for me will you? 😉


  2. boom! yea man. gratz on your purchase. shes sooo awesome. the time i bought her she was selling around 2k php. its friggin scary how the prices can be jacked up so high… even when they shouldnt be. the wind sword was my favorite part too… w the angry face. xD


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