NG 1/100 Arios Gundam

Here is a No Grade 1/100 Arios Gundam, he was given to me by a friend, thank you so much!

It was already built when I received it but he was not yet panel lined and top coated and there were a lot of nib marks. No problem! I cleaned up some nib marks, panel lined and top coated him. Although I did not thoroughly clean the nib marks.

I will just be commenting on some parts of this kit, I won’t be able to make a full review because he was already built.

I never thought of having this kit, but looking at Arios, he does look great, I love his orangeness and he has a different structure than most Gundams.

His front skirts doesn’t have the problem of popping off every now and then like other kits because it is locked over with the orange part.

He has this shiny rainbow like stickers on his shoulders that changes color when shone light in a different direction.

The dark gray colored tail like thingy on his back is a little loose that it detaches when you push it a little.

I like the design of Arios’ head despite its lack of articulation, I like it overall because of the two pairs of yellow v-fins, I painted the clear part on his forehead red for extra coolness.

I like the blades on his leg up to his knee.

His shoulders can be extended to look cooler like this :

His arsenal includes GN Twin Beam Rifle, GN Beam Shield, GN Submachine Gun, GN Vulcan and GN Beam Saber.

I will only be showing his GN Twin Beam Rifle, the GN Submachine Gun is hidden under the armor of his forearms.

Now how does he tranform to Flight Mode?


Observed Insights/Opinions :

What I like about this model :

1. Bright orange color partnered with white

2. Head with two pairs of yellow v-fins ( I just simply like it)

3. Front skirts will not pop off when posing

4. Can enter flight mode

5. Sleek and clean look

6. He is taller than my 1/100 Avalanche Exia

8. Can stand pretty well

9. Taking a look at the instruction manual, it looks like it is simple to build, but I can’t really tell since I did not build this kit myself

10. Weapon handling is problem free!

What I don’t like about this model :

1. Not much articulation for the head, almost restricted movement.

2. Leg articulation is not that much, well what can we expect for a 1/100 No Grade right?

3. Needs a stand when in flight mode, looks silly without one.

4. A loose part on its back

Well that’s it for 1/100 No Grade Arios Gundam! I have no idea how much this kit costs though.

Up next is 1/100 NG Cherudim Gundam. : )


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