Kaminarimon Nanoblock

Hello again! Welcome to another episode of nanoblock! I made it a comic post again! Have fun reading! 🙂

This was given to me as a gift on my birthday, thanks! 🙂

The difficulty is four blocks..

My next nanoblock project would be a space shuttle station. 🙂

The individual packs are inside a larger plastic bag.

The pieces are organized into different packs according to their sizes.

Of course each step has a sub step 🙂

^but in the end I put them in one of my HG gunpla boxes to find the pieces needed faster.

The most difficult to assemble are the  columns.

Cute tree! 😀

Overall it was challenging to build because of the tiny blocks! Especially the smallest units, its hard to place them when you have large fingers. This one is definitely harder to build compared to my previous nanoblocks like the grand piano and electric guitar.

Oh, and the real actual images of Kaminarimon are taken from images taken from : http://www.asakusa-samurai.com/asakusa-mustsee/kaminarimon-gate.html 🙂

Here are more images of the real Kaminarimon :


3 thoughts on “Kaminarimon Nanoblock

  1. nice trivia while reviewing the nanoblocks there! I’ve been to Kaminarimon and boy it’s really spectacular and LARGE. Still the nanoblocks looks good especially with the lantern with the 雷門 there. =)


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