HG 1/144 Aegis Gundam

So I was about to ask Haruhi-san to help me with my next review when..

(sorry for the small text, didn’t notice it until I was finished XD)

*^correction, here are THE parts XD, was sleepy when I made this.

What I like about this kit:

1. Color scheme is nice!

2. He is a remake of an old Gundam model! Good thing Bandai decided to remake the old model kits.

3. Easy build, just took time in cleaning out nib marks. >.<

4. Can transform into Mobile Armor Mode.

5. He has clear stickers that look like decals, similar to RG kits.

6. No loose parts that falls off when trying to pose.

What I don’t like about this kit:

1. Torso can’t twist due to its design to be able to transform into Mobile Armor

2. Few armaments, although his ‘Scylla’ can do helluva damage!

3. Attachment/adaptor to an action base is a little loose, but manageable.

Tune in for the next gunpla review! 😀


27 thoughts on “HG 1/144 Aegis Gundam

  1. Those blades on the arms and feet are normal blades, and sad to say that this kit didn’t come with a beam saber…

    The Aegis is really a unique unit, able to transform into a cool-looking MA mode but the one that turned me off is… it could turn it’s waist…

    Nice work on the paint lining. =D


      1. There are but the beam sabers (which is like the most awesome thing the Aegis is known for) are not included here.


  2. Is this the SEED HG reissue? Since the new ones have funky effect parts and more sticker insignias. I’m not that sure but it seems there are rumours of a MG Aegis in the works? =) Nice build btw. =3


  3. Even though I’m a Duel fan I guess Aegis can look quite good as well, good thing Bandai decided to remake kits and have decal like stickers (been annoyed by the crappy stickers that came with HG OO kits), I’m hoping to see more SEED kits this year. . . .


    1. Duel? like Duel Assault Shroud? 😀

      Yeah good thing they did that, I like old gunplas but my problem is the quality of the kit since most of the old series kits are really old! XD


  4. Nice review you got here, athrun does have a nice color taste. All of his gundams are colored dark red-pink-ish like this.
    Can’t wait for the MG Aegis later this year. Yea i’m hyped.


  5. This is a really nice unit. I was wondering if you sticked the stickers accordingly? I only sticked the stickers on its arms and there were still so many of it, I didn’t know what to do with them


    1. Nah I didn’t, I put them stickers where I wanted them haha! Actually the other stickers are for the other mobile suits remastered series like the aile strike, blitz and others. Bandai just made one sticker sheet for all of the kits.


      1. Ah ok. I do enjoy your blog a lot. And yeah I really really like this model. Was thinking of buying Justice but putting Infinite Justice MG as priority first.


      2. I do hope you make more reviews, they certainly are interesting to look at. The Aile Strike was hilarious! I know the kits are expensive but oh well. Hahahaha… I would like to get Reborns Cannon too but heard it gets sold out fast.


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