HG 1/144 Qubeley Mk II

Welcome to another of RJ-san’s gunpla reviews!

It’ll be my first attempt in trying to make a comic type post to add fun and more interest in viewing the pictures, hope you guys like them!

Rick-san is 1 year older then Qubeley san.

I had a bad feeling with those foil stickers, they’re pretty old..

Front and back illustrations. Flight mode is shown here.

More illustrations.

The instructions : sorry for the bad images, I could have scanned them, but got too lazy. And I need all the energy I can get in getting the comic speech bubbles done.

not much articulation there..

Torso :

Arms :

Head, Waist and Backpack :

^Correction, those mini thrusters are actually funnels, part of his weapon system. 🙂

^Again correction, those mini thrusters are actually funnels, part of his weapon system. 🙂

Please bear with the wrong placement of the speech bubbles, too lazy to edit it anymore. =|

Just the flight mode :

Just to see the difference :

What I like about this kit :

1. I just like the overall look, it’s unique and he kinds looks like a bug?

2. Very easy and simple to build

3. classic mobile suit

What I don’t like about this kit :

1. FOIL STICKERS, nuff said..

2. His weapons are.. oops.. its is.. is only a pair of beam sabers.

3. Not much articulation, especially that it is an old HG kit.

Overall, I still like Qubeley-san despite his flaws, he’s just another classic to my eyes. =3


15 thoughts on “HG 1/144 Qubeley Mk II

  1. Like hiroy mentioned, those are fin funnels, remotely operated beam cannons of doom.

    For those small red parts, I’d go for a masking + red paint marker operation.


  2. it’s interesting that a HG kits has individual funnels. =) Thought only the MG has it. I really like the Qubeley’s design, there is something about it that is menacing yet feminine at the same time. =D I personally prefer Haman’s white Qubeley to Puru’s purple one. But still, all Qubeley rocks!


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  4. FINALLLLYYYYYYY XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting the Qubeley Haman type with action stand and lining marker !!!!! Finaly got the mony after 3 months! 3!!!!!!! Smiles for everyone 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 X3


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