Nano Blocks!

Nanoblocks! Given to me this Christmas!~ Thank you so much! I love it! 😀 Merry Christmas!~

On the left is an electric guitar nano blocks kit, and on the right is grand piano nano blocks kit. 😀 Just happen to sneak in the cutter! :p

I will build the electric guitar first, nanoblocks are basically like lego, but they are microscopic! You won’t be able to build them without using high powered electronic microscope! Just joking around. 😀 Time to build!

Before opening the individual packs: So much parts! And they’re so teeny tiny!

Instructions: Pretty simple step by step procedure, just like doing laboratory exercises without the hefty oscilloscopes and other electronic stuff.

Its over a hundred pieces! Didn’t have time to count them though.. :p

These are the smallest units of blocks, take note that the boxes are 1 inch by 1 inch in size.. 0_o

Finished product! Its an electric guitar~ 😀

Andy with the nanoblocks! The drum set also was given to me! Thanks again! 😀

I’ll post the grand piano if I’ve built it 😀 ありがとう! Thank you!


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