My Entry for 2012 Gunpla Competition

I’d just like to show what I will be submitting today for the 2012 Gunpla competition in my country, the head display base was rushed though.. oh well! Doesn’t hurt if I try right? haha! XD

I tried to do some weathering.. but.. I don’t know.. XD

I’m not expecting to win anyway, just wanted to try out 😀

So.. wish me luck! I’ll be needing it haha! I’ll expect to see a lot of pro works there.. XD

Was going to put some decals.. but didn’t have time to hunt those decals and buy’em.. better luck next time then.. XD


19 thoughts on “My Entry for 2012 Gunpla Competition

  1. Looks good overall, love the panel lines, nice and clean. For that HG Unicorn, maybe you can sharpen the V-fin next time you build some HGs. The Head base is good too, i never built one of those before haha.
    Wish you luck.


    1. Haha! I know right, well I leave it to the viewers to give their own interpretation why I did that.. :))

      But the real reason is.. I did the head and the base on two separate occasions, I was planning not to do any weathering.. but when it was the last day to finish the entry.. I hadn’t done the base yet and I had only a few hours to finish it, so I rushed it and messed it up. So I just adapted to the mess and made it look like I applied weathering instead. XD

      Anyhow.. Yeah it really looks weird that the base is weathered while the head is not.. haha! Maybe a try at being different? :))


  2. Looks pretty good.

    At least for me, Competitions are mostly a good way to challenge yourself to improve and do better than last time. If you happen to win something that’s just icing on the cake 🙂


  3. Sugoi XD!!!! nice touch on the lining and details on unicorn itself, not to mention, GREAT work on the display stand! 😀 So, when will the results be out, or when WAS? 😛 sorry for being late, just started my holidays XD !!! Anyways, GREAT LUCK!!! :3


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