This is one of the few DC Unlimited, World of Warcraft Figures. There are currently 8 regular series and 4 premium series.

When they were newly released, they were quite expensive matching prices of similarly detailed super hero figures of other companies. But then a few years after they were released, their prices dropped down real hard. Some stores sell them at half their newly released prices, some even lower!

The original prices of these figures range around 1kphp up to 4kphp depending on the series and size of the figure, but now you can buy one for as low as 500php! Figures priced originally at 2kphp would only now sell 700~1kphp! You just have to take effort in hunting these figures with lower prices.

I just got lucky and happen to find a store that sells them at an incredibly low price! It was like 80% off the original price. The downside is that they are loose, but heck when I checked them, they still looked new, no damages whatsoever.

What I like about these WoW figures is that they have great detail and size for such a price! If you would have to buy a figure this size with slightly better detail and portrays popular comic book heroes like spiderman and the like, it would have damaged you for around 5~10kphp already! Especially when they are made by companies that really makes statues and figures look alive!, like for example Side Show and others like them.

Well, just enjoy the pictures, they’re static figurines so no articulation to be done, they’re just good for displaying. After this I will be posting Illidan Stormrage next! 🙂

I like the translucent purplish color effect of the hammer!

The detail is satisfying given the low price.

They say each figure has undergone manual hand panting by workers such that each figure of the same character will have a slight difference, some colors are sloppy, but they still look good from afar anyways, you won’t notice the paint bleeds when you look at it inside a display cabinet.

This part I don’t like, when you look at the hands closely you’ll see that the paint of the hands are really sloppy, maybe the worker got tired or something? Doesn’t matter, the rest looks okay!

Large hands.

He has a book hanging on his right shoulder.

Bet it’ll hurt when punched by hands that huge >.<

Blue tail with some kind of bracer equipped on it.

Nice shoulder blades! Some kind of bird or eagle I think..

What I like about this figure:

1. Low price

2. Great detail for such a low price

3. He is huge! Stands almost a foot tall.

4. I like the purple translucent hammer

5. His face is nicely painted and detailed, I like his blue colored skin

What I don’t like about this figure:

1.  No articulation possible

2. Some paint are bleeding or sloppy

That’s it for this post, I’ll be posting Illidan Stormrage next 🙂


3 thoughts on “DRAENEI PALADIN: VINDICATOR MARRAD Deluxe Collector Figure

  1. i like the weathering done on his armour and skin, really brings out the rugged feel of the figurine. As for the paint bleeding, I think it’s rather common for low-mid tier American products..the painting just isn’t that fantastic overall. I saw some really expensive Spidermans that looks like crap…tiny and expensive..


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