Figma : Haruhi Suzumiya [Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ver.]

At last I got myself a Figma! Why did I get a Figma when what I collect are gundams? well.. any japanese toy collector would understand.. right guys? haha! 🙂

Well the main reason I got myself a Figma is to get Andy-chan a companion and a friend that can help him with my future reviews and other stuff. Its because Figma is an action figure series and they are really poseable and they can have various expressions depending on the Figma character.

Another reason would be that I’ve always wanted to collect anime figures too! But downright the PVC statue ones are really, and I say it out loud, REALLY! expensive! Next in line would be Nendoroids, they’re so adorable!! but they’re expensive too! especially in my country where these types of toys are resold at a higher price than the original Japanese Yen price due to the shipping cost and taxes. T_T

So my last choice was Figma! because they are the cheapest to collect in my country (with respect to other Good Smile Company products like Nendoroid and PVC statues) (but still, they are expensive haha! >.<). But they’re perfect for my main purpose of having an expressive friend for Andy-chan!

Anyone who is interested (in my country) in Nendoroid and Figma products can visit and for prices. With regards with what they actually are, you can visit 🙂

I just got lucky and happen to have a friend who sells his 2nd hand Figma and sold it at 1/4 its original price! Let’s see if it is in good condition. 😀

Pardon the confusing and senseless story line and speech bubbles, I’m still new to this! >.<

I think Andy-chan is plannign something..

Looks like Andy-chan is pleased with his new friend!

The box has some dirt on it, but I just wiped it off with a cloth, she looks like in good condition too.. so far.. 🙂

I agree with Andy-chan! I like the long haired Haruhi rather than the short haired one. But sometimes the original Haruhi looks nice too! Well it depends on my mood.. 🙂

Why I got Haruhi as my first Figma? Well I had no choice, she was the cheapest my friend had to offer, but then I was glad that she was my choice, I really like Haruhi’s personality! Especially that I’m currently watching her Anime series, I’m on season 2! 😀

The sleeping bag is really made of sleeping bag material, I think its nylon.

Glad that she comes with a shorter hair version of her head. : )

Her hair has 2 layers, the front layer is made of soft material to enable more posing options.

Her skirt too is made of soft material to allow more flexible poses like this one! =3

The shoulder part of her uniform too is the same with the skirt, flexible.

Well.. for a second hand Figma.. she’s in really good condition! Everyone agrees? I’m happy I bought her and only at 1/4 its original price! She’s my first ever Figma and she’ll be treasured, of course Andy-chan is still treasured too and will still help me with other reviews!

What I like about my 1st Figma :

1. Its Haruhi Suzumiya!!

2. She has long hair!!

3. She’s had her skirt, shoulder part of the uniform and front layer of hair made of soft material for posing flexibility!

4. She come’s with a stand! (well, I think all Figma comes with a stand)

5. As a bonus, an expressive Yuki Nagato faceplate is included, but I don’t have her.. (yet?)

6. The sleeping bag is made of real sleeping bag material! cool!

What I don’t like about my 1st Figma : (Well, even though she’s my first Figma, and a second hand Figma too, I have some concerns)

1. I think that she has few accessories? I’ve seen other Figma that has a lot of interesting accessories and objects, maybe because they included a faceplate of Nagato? Another set of head that is short haired? and the sleeping bag? I’m not sure, but I wish she had more stuff to play with.

2. The sleeping bag.. well in my opinion, I find it weird that they included a sleeping bag as her accessory.. Never crossed my mind to display my 1st figma in a sleeping bag.. its.. weird.. >.<

Well anyway she’s my first Figma and I don’t have other Figmas to compare her with, overall I am satisfied and glad with my 1st Figma! Hope I find more cheaper ones next time!

And by the way, I learned a valuable lesson in acquiring this Figma.. Wash hands properly before handling Figma!! You have to make sure your hands, especially the fingers, have no trace of dirt on them or any foreign material! or else.. dirt and the like would stick to the figure’s surface, especially on their skin!! And it would really look bad on the Figma if they have dirt on their surface.

I’ll be making sure to wash my hands, at least 3 times, to make sure there is no dirt on my fingers, before handling Figma and others like them. : )

That’s it for this post! Hope everyone likes Haruhi Suzumiya-san! ^_^


15 thoughts on “Figma : Haruhi Suzumiya [Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ver.]

  1. Yoda: Once you go down the figma/figure path, forever will it dominate your desti… wall.

    Oh dear… Haruhi… She’s very handful if you’re not careful…

    Figma by default came with a stand or several stands depending on the character and accessories (figma Black Rock Shooter comes with three stands).

    Congratulations on your first figma, mine was Marisa from the Touhou series and comes with a “slight” factory defect and her waist… sorta broke… Yes, it broke.
    But managed to fix her back to normal with a semi scratch-built joint (I posted that incident few months back).


    1. “It’s Inevitable!”

      A handful she is, but she’s pretty I say.. =3

      3 stands? Well Black Rock Shooter does have a lot of big ass stuff..

      Well good thing you managed to fix it, if something broke with my Figma, I wouldn’t know what to do.. >.<


      1. My friend Ruo Ani says you can order spare parts from Good Smile Company if some parts break I think. There’s one solution to broken Figma parts.


  2. wahahaa Haruhi! I love her! My 1st was also a Haruhi, the winter uniform ver. =D I totally dig the disappearance look as well though, she does look prettier with the long hair! And seems like you had plenty of fun taking photos~


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