Illidan Stormrage Deluxe Collector Figure

Here’s the next WoW figure, Illidan Stormrage!

Enjoy the images!

Like how the wings are made.

The horns too look nice.

I got nothing much to say about this figure..

What I like about this figure:

1. Like the wings

2. and the horns too

3. Wing span adds to height making him look taller and larger

What I don’t like about this figure

1. Its a static figure, no articulation possible

Got bored with the two WoW figures since they have no possible articulation, they are just nice to look at and have’em displayed, but other than that, they’re no fun XD I’d rather have something that can be articulated so I can make comic scenes out of them. 😀

Time to build gunpla again! Tune in for my next post! Can you guess which gundam it might be? CLUE: He’s in the color of red(or maybe hot pink). 😀


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