Gundam Model Kit Competition 2012 Philippines (Gunpla display and some entries)

As I mentioned in the previous post, here are the photos I took in this event, my favorite photo is the one above, a nicely done MG 1/100 Siinanju Diorama. I hope I can produce that kind of product in the future too! =3

Enjoy the other photos! I’m sorry the others are too dark or softly focused, didn’t have enough light there and flash would be otherwise just be a problem because of the glass cabinet displays, and I didn’t bother to bring a tripod with me, so much stuff to handle.

Can you find which is my entry? =3

Tune in till next time! 😀 


12 thoughts on “Gundam Model Kit Competition 2012 Philippines (Gunpla display and some entries)

  1. Nice pics! nonsense, you did a great job photographic these masterpieces! 😀 *Groan* Can’t be seeming to find your entry here…… It was Unicorn, right? If that’s the case, I can’t find It!!!! Hint please! Or MAYBE, it’s not here because you won, and It’s excluded from the others… XD


    1. Haha thanks thanks, but I would have photographed them better if I brought a tripod with me.

      Haha it’s there in one of the photos, I’m the only one who submitted an entry with a head display base! =3 that’s the hint 😀


  2. tried looking for your entry. had to read the comments just to find it hahaha. I thought the first pic was a sazabi. 🙂 was pretty far off. thanks for the gorgeous photos! all those figures looked so good… wonder how it felt to really be there up close and personal. i couldnt even differentiate which ones were the top 10. xD


  3. I saw your entry!!! Haahaha and the Sinanju is just a gorgeous MS design so don’t feel bad about. Plus those custom made weapons and that diorama..ahahaha god I love the’s just so so beautiful. XD But don’t worry mate, you can definitely do so much better the next time. =3


  4. Mannn it reminds me so much of the last the when I joined a gunpla contest. Its a great experience right? Love how the stuff keeps getting better and better every time. Oh btw, found your entry because of its base XD


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