Toy Con 2013 Philippines

Toy Con 2013

Hi guys! I went to the annual Toy Convention last Saturday and boy, there were a lot of people! The queue to the ticket booth was long! Good thing I went early and did not experience any lines. Though the tickets to the convention could actually be bought online, I guess a good number of people does not know that. Anyway, without further delay, here are my photos during the convention, it’s mostly toy displays:

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Gundam Model Kit Competition 2012 Philippines (Gunpla display and some entries)

As I mentioned in the previous post, here are the photos I took in this event, my favorite photo is the one above, a nicely done MG 1/100 Siinanju Diorama. I hope I can produce that kind of product in the future too! =3

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Gundam Model Kit Contest 2012 Results

As you might have guessed, yes I DID NOT  win!  I didn’t even place in the top ten! There were so many pros!! Still need to do some catching up with various skills and techniques for gunpla custom painting and such.  Above is a photo of my certificate on joining the event, its a nicely made certificate don’t you think?

But wait!! My luck did not ran out during that event!!!! =3

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