Figure Photo-shoot: Spawn Series: Malebolgia

Hello there fellow bloggers and readers! Yeah it’s been weeks since my last post and I’ve been pretty busy with some other stuff but along that other stuff I’ve been building an HG gunpla kit and have been painting it so its taking a really long time!  And I think its busy bloggers season.. or so just that I have noticed that everybody else is also busy with various things like internship, sickness, finals, vacation outings and just pure laziness hahaha! XD

Anyway! My post for today is a Figure Photoshoot series! I have a lot of these guys in queue so I’ll be posting them one by one. =3

This guy is from the Spawn Series! Its Malebolgia! I remember him as a playable character in a past popular spawn arcade game. Do you guys remember it? I remember also having that game in my Dreamcast console.. =3

But anyway, this is owned by a friend, he has a lot of interesting figures so, I just shot away! Enjoy!

He looks pretty fierce and scary right? XD

Oh my.. what sharp claws you have?

Malebogia: So that I can rip you into pieces! Muhahaha! XD

Wait.. front limbs have claws.. hind limbs have.. hoofs? wth?! haha! I find that weird. XD 

Well he looks like he’s ready to kill someone and rip’em  to shreds.. =3

Stay tuned for more! =3 


6 thoughts on “Figure Photo-shoot: Spawn Series: Malebolgia

  1. yea lots of bloggers have been busy T^T summer is passing by fast and i believe most of the fun from haz expired. next stop sem break… or Christmas break lol.

    Malebolgia does look very fascinating! its fun just to stare at it and mull over some thoughts on how to slay it if ever it appeared… but i doubt id survive and just run away screaming while being devoured like an extra in a movie. 🙂


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