Alien Figures [Figure Photoshoot]

AliensHi guys! Here is another of my figure photoshoot series! Again these figures are not mine, they belong to a friend of mine. All of them are various alien figures!

I think this first one is an Alien Dog:

DSC_0548 copy DSC_0549 copy DSC_0552 copy DSC_0553 copy Its tongue can be extended by pushing a button on the back of his head: DSC_0556 copy DSC_0557 copy DSC_0559 copyDSC_0560 copy DSC_0563 copy Would’t want to go up against one of these guys! DSC_0565 copy DSC_0566 copyDSC_0570 copy DSC_0571 copyDSC_0575 copy DSC_0578 copy DSC_0580 copyDSC_0581 copy DSC_0582 copy DSC_0585 copy DSC_0587 copyDSC_0588 copy DSC_0594 copy DSC_0595 copyI personally like this one because of his translucent head:DSC_0597 copy DSC_0599 copy DSC_0602 copy DSC_0604 copy DSC_0606 copy DSC_0610 copyIMO, this one is the most vicious looking:DSC_0612 copy DSC_0614 copy DSC_0615 copyDSC_0616 copy DSC_0617 copyDSC_0619 copy DSC_0620 copy DSC_0621 copyDSC_0622 copy DSC_0624 copy DSC_0625 copy

DSC_0628 copy DSC_0629 copy DSC_0630 copy DSC_0631 copy

That’s it for today’s figure photoshoot! Till next time!


6 thoughts on “Alien Figures [Figure Photoshoot]

  1. Wicked just very2 wicked & gruesome!! I’m totally clueless on this, I just love your photoshoots!! I envy you for those diorama & Alien figures. I’ve always wanted to buy some Alien figures for making a crossover between Kamen Rider/Sentai VS Alien or even a Predators too.


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