Gunpla Decal Application Tutorial (Dry Transfer and Water Slide)

Hi guys! Here’s another article that I wrote for fromjapan. Ever finished an MG kit then you saw how massive the amount of decals were? And you were just so intimidated and afraid that you’ll ruin your kit that you did not go through with applying the decals? Well, be afraid not! Because it’s just intimidating but not really hard to do if you get the hang of it! Here’s the article that I wrote about application of dry transfer and water slide decals. Enjoy! And I hope it helps out fellow Gunpla hobbyists out there! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Gunpla Decal Application Tutorial (Dry Transfer and Water Slide)

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  2. Hi! Discovered yet another helpful article of yours. But I’m wondering: am having the two S’s – Setter and Softer. I need some tutorial on how to use those guys. Thanks in advance!


    1. I usually only use the setter to be safe. Think of it as glue for the water slide decals. While the softer literally softens/melts the water slide onto the surface of the plastic material, hence stronger adhesion but can be prone to decal damage or errors.


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