MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Ver. Ka (painted build)

MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Ver. Ka.

RX-78-2, the White Mobile Suit! The ‘Father’ of all Gundams as some might describe. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a RX-78 model and I chose Ver. Ka just because of the decals. Though this is an MG kit, it feels though as I am assembling an HG kit while putting together some parts, though some parts are well detailed as expected in MG kits.

Things I did in this kit:

1. First time that I primed every part that I painted.

2. Painted the red parts with Tamiya Bright Red spray can, blue parts with Tamiya Brilliant Blue spray can, inner frame with Tamiya German Grey spray can.

3. The yellow parts (except the front vents), I painted bright chrome first before spraying a thin layer of  Tamiya Gold spray can. The front vents I spray bright chrome.

4. The weapons are spray painted using Bosny Dark Grey.

5. I experimented using various shades of grey in hand painting key areas of the kit. On his head, shoulders and arms I used J.N. Green, Light Blue and Nato Black. For his painted leg areas I used Neutral Grey.

6. For the clear parts of the weapons, I just shaded it using a red marker pen.

7. I panel lined half of the kit using Gundam Marker (my Copic Marker has been depleted), then half of the kit I tried using the new Tamiya Panel Line Accent bottle. It’s basically just diluted black enamel paint that comes with an absorbent brush so you won’t have to dip it into the bottle as frequently compared when using a normal paint brush. Makes panel lining faster.

8. I detailed the back pack a little bit using a combination of Gold Leaf, Copper and Chrome Silver.

9. Everything is top-coated using Matte except for the metallic colors.

Enjoy the p

ngs I like about this kit:

1. Nice set of decals.

2. Comes with a core fighter.

3. Different design than other RX-78 due to Katoki Hajime’s work.

4. Simple to build.

5. Hyper Bazooka!

6. Dual Beam Saber!

7. Comes with hands that hold the Beam Rifle well, aside from the usual loose MG hands.

8. The kits comes with a cheap price. (Bought it for 1600 Php only)

Thing I don’t like about this kit:

1. HG-ish articulation.

2. Too simple for an MG, not much gimmicks aside from the core fighter.

3. The kit is a bit old, so the decals as well. They easily crumble if you don’t handle them carefully.

Overall it’s still a nice kit to have despite its HG-ish qualities. I had fun painting the parts and experimenting on different colors of greys and greens. I enjoyed the photo-shoot as well because I was inspired by looking  at others’ photos that are amazing. I’m trying to decide which one to work on next, an HG mechanics 1/550 kit or another MG kit. I’m also having doubts whether I’ll join this year’s Gunpla competition, the deadline of submission of the entries are already around second week of May, I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to come up with a good entry. XD