MG 1/100 MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus

Hello guys! Here is the finished kit that I used for the Gunpla weathering tutorial that I made for FromJapan blog. It’s a Master Grade MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus Karaba Production Type Transformable Mobile Unit. This model kit’s year of production is 2001, it’s quite old but the model is still interesting to me. This will be my first Master Grade that is transformable into a mobile unit which is the Wave Rider. I personally like the orange and white color theme of this mobile suit.

Things I did:

  1. Regular snap fit assembly.
  2. Panel lining using a mix of enamel paint panel wash and Copic Multiliner.
  3. Applied decals (the decals were pretty old so it was harder to apply)
  4. Sprayed top coat matte using Bosny clear dull spray can.
  5. Applied dry brushing weathering using Tamiya Flat Aluminum.
  6. Applied battle damage using my toothpick method.
  7. Applied some final touches and details on the battle damage using a mix of Tamiya Copper, Black and Flat Aluminum.

Enjoy the photos! Click to open gallery.

Things I like about this kit:

  1. Nice details for an older kit.
  2. Orange and white looks appealing.
  3. Can transform into a mobile unit “Wave Rider” mode.

Things I don’t like about this kit:

  1. It’s a tad cumbersome to transform to the mobile unit. I’ll be leaving him in Wave Rider mode.
  2. Foil stickers for the orange parts of the wings.
  3. Dry transfer decals that are old are a pain to apply.
  4. Just average pose-ability, maybe because of the transformation capability of the kit.
  5. The shield peg to attach to the arm is loose.

That’s it! Thank you for viewing!


One thought on “MG 1/100 MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus

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