NG 1/100 Cherudim Gundam

A lot of people has been requesting/awaiting for me to post this gundam, I don’t know why but this Gundam doesn’t appeal me that much compared to Arios Gundam, maybe because the green color is too dark? Or I just don’t like Cherudim’s design overall.

But hey, he’s a got a cool sniper gun and his armor pieces can be put together to form a shield wall!

Again I’ll only be commenting on parts of the Gundam or features that I have noticed since this too was pre-built and also given to me by a friend. Thanks again! 🙂 Nuff talk, enjoy the images : *don’t mind the eyesore nibmarks >.< 😀

Oh, there is a missing piece though.. The Holoscreen is missing, my friend must have lost it while moving to the new house, oh well! Let’s appreciate the other parts. =3

You can see the two armor pieces that is attached to his right shoulder? Yes, you guessed right, its two of the 9 armor pieces that can be taken off and form the GN Shield. Each armor piece is called a “GN Shield Bit”.

He’s got more panel lines to ink than Arios, that’s a good addition to this model’s detailing potential.

You asking what’s that white axe thingy attached to the sides of his backpack? Its his GN Beam Pistol II. It can be a melee axe weapon or as the name of the weapon suggests, a beam pistol. I’ll show later how he uses them pistols.

Now you may be wondering where does he keep the other GN Bit Pieces? Well there you go, Its on his buttocks! shaped like a tail that it almost looks like a robotic dragon tail with accurately shaped scales. The “Dragon Tail” is formed by 5 GN Bit Pieces.

I don’t know why Bandai designed Cherudim to have a polycap visible on his left shoulder while there is nothing to attach there. Maybe when if Cherudim’s owner wanted the shield bits on his left shoulder instead? But that would leave a visible polycap on his right shoulder instead.. =_= Don’t like the visible polycap in short, looks silly like there’s something missing from his left shoulder.


Equipping his GN Sniper Rifle

GN Sniper Rifle can be folded and form a shorter range weaponry.

Using his GN Beam Pistols


Using his GN Bit Pieces to form the shield, the kit comes with a transparent stand to affix and put together the armor pieces to form the shield. The shield pieces can be rearranged to form a different shield shape.


More images while I experimented on my camera’s settings :

Cherudim with all of his GN Bit Pieces taken off.


Better images of him using his pistols :



Thoughts :

Things I like :

1. GN Sniper Rifle

2. GN Bit pieces that can form a shield wall

3. I might have liked the holo screen, but its missing, oh well. 😀

4. I actually like the GN Beam Pistols that looks like a hatchet when in melee mode. =3

Things I don’t like :

1. Visible polycap on his left shoulder (looks like he is missing a part but there isn’t suppose to be any part attached to it)

2. Too dark shade of green? Just not my taste, some might disagree and like this color.

3. Same with Arios, limited articulation (“of course! it’s an NG!” you might say :D)

That’s it for 1/100 NG Cherudim Gundam, hope the people who are awaiting this will like this post! 😀 cheers! 🙂