RG 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam

I bought him at a toy convention recently @ SM Megamall Convention Center, Philippines. He’s a part of my December loot.

This will be my first attempt at making a review, I’ve been hearing a lot of fuss lately about the RG (Real Grade) gundam, so out of curiosity I bought one, and in result, I’m very much surprised by this kit.

In short, this kit is like a PG (Perfect Grade) kit that is the size of your palm and without the overwhelming price of a PG especially in my country.

What is Real Grade? According to the box: “Real Grade is a new brand which, as its name indicates, aimed to be “the real thing”. Fine details are reproduced along with abundant colored parts. The movable range which as possible was mounted on the assembled inner frame which is simply cut out. We want to tell all generation who know Gundam of the pleasure and excitement of making a mobile suit. Please be sure to enjoy the numerous gimmicks incorporated in this palm-size 1/144 scale model.” (ENGRISH :))

Despite its short height/size, the detail is so amazing that it surpasses the detail of some MG gundams, its decal and sticker are over 100 pieces! Its a pain to put them all but it’s worth it, you’ll be needing SMD pickers/tweezers to apply them perfectly on to the pieces.

Articulation is awesome! I never expected the real grade to have so much articulation much like MG gundams.

Enough talk, now for the images: (sorry for the crappy initial pictures, was experimenting, pictures are better starting from the middle.) (click for full resolution images)

Leg and foot units:

Leg articulation is a wow for this kit!

legs and foot after panel lining, decals and top coat :

love the decals and the metal look stickers on the back of the knee.

Waist unit:

After topcoating and everything:

simple construction but also heavy on detail.

legs + waist :

It already looks awesome on this stage.

Arms and shoulders units:

Arm articulation is also a ‘wow’ 😀 Same with the legs, it comes with metal look stickers. Looks cool.

Body unit:

Cockpit hatch can be opened?! for a 1/144 that’s a plus.

Head unit:

White V-fin can be easily knocked off, but its not really a problem. Detail for the head is also great!

Combining all of them:

andy is surprised by the detail

Can do a lot of poses:

disco dancing
like a boss
look at the fingers..
恥ずかしい, ashamed.

will update for the weapons and the aile striker, also the box art and the runners.


Weapons and accessories:

Armor Schneider

armor schneider



Using his weapons to eliminate foes:

This is a hold-up!
Andy: AAAHHHHHH! 私を助けて!
Coast is clear! Move out!
Using his handy rifle
Random enemy
Huff huff huff..
Robot dance
これは何ですか? What is this?
Come, see my Armor Schneider?

Shield and Rifle
Copying RX-78-2 pose

Aile Striker:

With his Aile Striker = Aile Strike Gundam GAT-X105:

Kill all the Enemies!

Dare fight me?

Reaching out for my kata…. errr.. light saber?
*beam saber sound*
Reaching out for my 2nd beam saber..
Dual wielding for the win!
yeah! im a ninja.. or is it a samurai? maybe a jedi knight…

Overall I score him 9.5/10, -.25 for the white v-fin that keeps on popping out when I knock it, and another -.25 for its size.

But heck, it is really a PG that is the size of your palm! I recommend RG kits to every gunpla builder out there! It can hone your skills due to its small size and epic detail! Even more, it is cheaper than MG gundams! 😀

*Extra note, the kits comes with two different pair of hands, one for fixed fingers, and the other one with perfect grade like fingers. What I can say is that the hands with the movable fingers are more articulate than that if the usual MG kit hands.

Well, that’s the end of this post. Hope you like my mini review and the pictures too! 😀 Merry Christmas Everyone!