Figure Photoshoot: Tyranid Hive Tyrant

Hello! This is Tyranid Hive Tyrant from the Dawn of War series, he’s a custom rendition made and modeled by my friend. He used polymer clay in making this model and it’s his first scale model! Pretty nice work! I might be asking him to make some mini models for my future diorama projects =3

The base has a nice rocky texture complete with cracks and all. Adds to the bad ass character of this creature.

He has some nasty set of teeth! Don’t want to get in the way of that! XD

It’s limbs are designed to hack and slash trough any organic material I suppose? The red color adds to the effect that it’ll not hesitate to cut through anything. =3

It has a dinosaur like armored back? reminds me of a stegosaurus.. But stands upright. 🙂

Has a nice slender tail with a scorpion like end. =3

I bet the tail is also used as a killing tool.

This creature is really designed to kick ass! Maybe he can also use the horns? haha! xd

Its feet are hoof-like with some added sharp blades.

I guess its weak spot would be here? The bones look like it can easily be crushed, well I’m not to say anything, for all I know, its chest might be the hardest part of its construct. XD

Crazy teeth! Yellow eyes!

It’s a great work of art! I look forward to future sculptures of my friend! =3 Till next time!~

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6 thoughts on “Figure Photoshoot: Tyranid Hive Tyrant

  1. am I wrong or its that freaking thing that tried to kill the awesome Captain Davian Thule? (obviously played Dawn of War long enough), your friend has great skills, hope he makes an entire Tyranid Hive XD


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