Figure Photoshoot: Haruhi Nendoroid Petite

These are, as it is obvious, some adorable Haruhi gashapons! Not owned by me though, a friend bought it at Japan a few years back. Just took photos of them since they are insanely adorable! =3


Haruhi in concert mode:


Yuki Nagato:

Mikuru in the frog mascot costume!:

Kyon no imouto:

The usual Nagato reading while seating:

Tune in for more Figure photoshoot! =3

Image Gallery:


13 thoughts on “Figure Photoshoot: Haruhi Nendoroid Petite

  1. Yuki Chan reading ❤

    I've only seen gashapons of pokemon, cars, and etc. Didn't know they produced awesome Haruhi ones. Wish the local mall here sold em T^T


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