HG 1/144 Try Burning Gundam

HG 1/144 Try Burning Gundam

Hi guys! It’s been a while, here I present a simple straight build HG 1/144 Try Burning Gundam.

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HGBF 1/144 PF-78-3A Gundam Amazing Red Warrior (Custom Painted)

Hello guys! This is my latest work: a custom painted HGBF 1/144 Amazing Red Warrior from the Build Fighters series. This is actually the product of a Gunpla hand-painting tutorial article I wrote for a private company. Too bad I can’t post the article on my own blog because of SEO concerns. But of-course I will create a new one so that I can post a Gunpla hand-painting tutorial for my own blog.

You can find detailed mobile suit information here: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/PF-78-3A_Gundam_Amazing_Red_Warrior

Things I did:

1. Usual nib mark cleaning.

2. Hand-painted all inner frame parts and base coating of weapons using Tamiya Gun Metal.

3. Hand-painted vulcans on the head unit and on the waist unit using Tamiya Dark Iron. Thrusters on the shoulders are also painted using Dark Iron.

4. Hand-painted details using a combination of Tamiya Gold Leaf, Copper and Flat Aluminum.

5. Panel lining using Copic Multiliner.

6. Applied custom water slide and dry transfer decals.

7. Top coated all non-metallic parts with Bosny Clear Dull/Matte spray can.

And viola! Enjoy the photos!

DSC_5087 DSC_5088 DSC_5089 DSC_5090 DSC_5091 DSC_5092 DSC_5093 DSC_5095 DSC_5097 DSC_5099 DSC_5100 DSC_5101 DSC_5102 DSC_5103 DSC_5106 DSC_5108 DSC_5110 DSC_5111 DSC_5112 DSC_5115 DSC_5116 DSC_5118 DSC_5120 DSC_5122 DSC_5123 DSC_5124 DSC_5125 DSC_5126And that’s it, thanks for viewing! till next build! 🙂


HG 1/144 Lightning Gundam

Hi guys! This is my latest build, nothing fancy, just a straight build and panel lining. Sometimes its nice to keep things simple. This is Lightning Gundam from Gundam Build Fighters piloted by Yuuma Kousaka. It’s a long range sniper unit that can also transform into a mobile unit. I’m currently interested with the HGBF line that I pre-ordered a Wing Honoo, Amazing Red Warrior and Try Burning Gundam last January, the preview photos looked good and I hope the actual kits are too.

Enjoy the photos:

DSC_4742 DSC_4741 DSC_4740 DSC_4738 DSC_4734 DSC_4733 DSC_4731 DSC_4730 DSC_4728 DSC_4727 DSC_4726 DSC_4725 DSC_4724 DSC_4722 DSC_4721 DSC_4720 DSC_4718 DSC_4717 DSC_4716 DSC_4715 DSC_4713 DSC_4712 DSC_4711 DSC_4747 DSC_4746


Things I liked about this kit:

1. Long range sniper included

2. Nice default panel lines

3. Includes two beam sabers

4. Articulation is getting better in newer HGs these days

Things I don’t like about this kit:

1. Can’t transform into mobile unit

That’s it! Till next build!

P.S. Sorry, I know the photos are a little muddy, Its because I took them while I was a bit under the weather. I’m actually not satisfied with the photos, I’ll do better next time! 😀

AquaZen 1.5 with HG Gundam 00 Raiser

Hello everyone! Just wanted to show you guys my new aquarium set! I call it AquaZen! Design and landscaping are handmade by yours truly. I plan to change stuff from time to time, maybe every year I change the layout if possible, or just add new plants. Of-course AquaZen won’t be complete without a submerged Gunpla yes? Couldn’t help it but I submerged my HG 00 Raiser. Enjoy the photos and video!














HG 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu

Hello viewers and fellow hobbyists! At last I am done with Rozen Zulu! My first gunpla with heelsHand-painting the white detail lines were hard!

Things I did in this kit:

1. The usual snap-fit build and nib mark cleaning, nib marks were a lot! And were very visible due to the color of the plastic (darker colored plastic shows more plastic stress marks)

2. Hand-painted the white detail lines, I did not do anything fancy like reverse wash. I just searched for the finest brush that I could find and hand-painted the white lines. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough for me, I’ll try a reverse wash next time.

3. Applied water slide decals. I have lots of extra water slide decals lying around, instead of it gathering dust, better to use them right?

4. Applied battle damage through my proprietary “burning a toothpick method”. :p

5. Applied light weathering using dry-brushing. Just some simulated paint scratches using Flat Aluninum.

6. Added some paint details like copper on battle damage areas.

7. Panel lining of course.

8. And lastly, sprayed a top coat using Bosny Clear Dull.

And without further adieu, I present to you HG 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu! (Did they really intend the model number to be YAMS? reminds me of a local root crop in my country which is purple yam or locally called ‘Ube’)

You can find more information about the mobile suit here: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/YAMS-132_Rozen_Zulu



DSC_4132 DSC_4133



























Final Thoughts:

Things I don’t like about this kit:

1. Most of the parts are in the wrong purple color, it looks brown from afar, but when you look at it closely, it’s actually very very dark purple. But he turned out all right despite the wrong colors.

2. Standing stability is poor due to his small feet and the heels! XD

Things I like about this kit:

1. The whole MS design is cool! Almost all MS from the Unicorn series has superb designs!

2. Interesting color scheme.

3. The kit includes with the complete Psycho Jammer set along with stands for them (the floating flower-like thingies)

4. The kit includes the extending wire guided manipulators/INCOMs. (the claw-like hands)

5. Articulation is actually great despite that he looks a bit bulky.

6. Mono-eyed MS is always a plus for me.

That’s! Till next post! (probably another mono-eyed MS) 😀


HG 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu WIP1

Hi guys! It’s been a while, but here’s my latest WIP, HG 1/144 Rozen Zulu. I had a previous project which was HGBF Bear Guy San, but it was a failure and I have to redo the whole thing and I lost interest on the kit. So I decided to start on a new kit which was this one and get back to Bear Guy III afterwards. This is just the snapfit build, without the backpack yet. I tested out the stickers and it looks okay from afar, but it looks awful up close. It looks like I have to hand paint all the white stripe details on this guy, which will be a pain, but it’ll be worth it if I can pull it off clean.

Here are the photos, I’ll update once I have painted some details and cleaned him up:

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HGBF 1/144 Gundam Wing Fenice


Hi guys! Now here is a kit from the Build Fighters anime series! Upon watching the anime series, I got pumped up and wanted to buy the kits featured in the series. Too bad most of the kits that I want like Kampfer Amazing and Zaku Amazing were not available at my local hobby store, only Wing Fenice was available and he is good enough for me. Though it would have been better if I also got the meteor hopper, but someone else beat me to it.

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