Figure Photoshoot: Dead or Alive: 1/6 Kasumi Statue

Hello there! This is again not mine, the owner’s a friend. This is Kasumi from Dead or Alive, most of you would have recognized her. =3 It’s a statue but I don’t know what scale it is, (its 1/6 scale and from max factory, thanks for the info akashingou!) this statue is at least a decade old already in my friend’s collection. XD

Anyway, enjoy the photos (if you know what I mean.. haha!) =3

I like the way how her clothes wrinkle, it looks realistic. =3

She’s pretty blessed if you know what I mean.. =3

I like the way her hair flows down 🙂

Well that’s it, hope you guys enjoyed the photos, I still have some gunpla pending for review, just been lazy to edit them photos XD

Stay tuned for more! =3

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20 thoughts on “Figure Photoshoot: Dead or Alive: 1/6 Kasumi Statue

  1. Yes she really is blessed O,O man that’s godly detail… up to the very wrinkles and drooping clothes. Your friend is very fortunate to have her. 🙂


  2. Whats the right for it, ahh! Ero-moe! Yes, this figure is very ero-moe, a really great figure behind a really innocent face, a dangerous combination to behold! Hahaha, your friend is so lucky to have her, so jelly right now~


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