HG 1/144 Age-1 Titus WIP1

Hi guys! Its been a while, I’ve been pretty busy with some other stuff like Anime, TV series, video games, League of Legends and whatnot, especially that I recently bought a Yamaha portable electronic keyboard to hone what I’ve learned years ago! =3

Anyway! Just an update on my current Gunpla project, It’s Age-1 Titus! I love this MS design, the first time I saw this MS in the series made me want to get the kit ASAP! But I had a hard time getting this kit, it was always sold out! XD good thing I found one during the last Toy Con 2012 and bough it right away for just a low price of 685 pesos! =3

Though he’s not yet finished, I just finished straight building him from the kit, painted some joint parts Gun Metal and applied panel lines, I plan to do some masking techniques as I am experimenting on different methods in custom painting Gunpla. I hope it turns out alright! I’m going to apply some different colors of weathering too! Maybe using Flat Earth for the feet and some black paint for oil stains maybe, not sure yet but I hope it goes well. I’ll show it to you guys along with the full review after I’m done with him! =3

For now a few pictures to show you Age-1 Titus! =3

Overall building him was easy and his joints are awesome for an HG! I’ll explain this on the full review sometime maybe next week. =3 And oh, now I’ve tried using a black poster board as my background, still experimenting on which background looks best, maybe I should make a poll? =3

That’s it for not! See you next time~ 😀


9 thoughts on “HG 1/144 Age-1 Titus WIP1

    1. Well.. I’m not yet sure though, especially that I lack some spray paints, I have a lot of bottled acrylic paints and lacquer paints but I still don’t have an airbrush.. so I’m having a difficult time deciding if I’m going to paint him all over with just my brushes haha! XD


  1. Nice that the HG already came with all the effect parts! Now he can go ram somebody XD

    Just curious, what do you really dig about the Titus? It’s more about the Spallow with me. =3


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