Random Hauls

Hi guys! Just a random post for a random haul.. and it’s that time of the season again; when our favorite stuff gets a lower price!

First haul is my first Hot Wheels as an adult! 1936 Cord for a bargain price of 50Php! It caught my eye with its nice deep metallic red! I had a lot of miniature toy cars back when I was a kid, Hot Wheels, Match Boxes and the like, though I don’t remember why but we gave them away 😦

Toy cars and Lego were my most favorite toys as a kid, nice to reminisce on my childhood days.. =3

Speaking of Lego, I would love to collect Lego right now too along with collecting Gunpla, but the prices of the Lego are just too high for my budget! Maybe in the future when I have my own business and start making lots of money that I will be able to collect Legos! 😀

For now, here’s a pirated Lego made in China! Bootleg version of Ninjago XD:

You can see the price tag on the box, its only 64.75Php, I even haggled the salesperson and bought it for 60Php instead.

Let’s take a look on the actual product:

Well, for 60Php, its quality is satisfying, had no problems in assembling this “Ninja Thunder Swordsman” as it says on the box.

Well that’s it for this post, just some cheap random hauls. 🙂 Till my next post! 😀


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