HG 1/144 Ghirarga

Hi guys! I’m back! And I’m back with HG 1/144 Ghirarga that’s fully painted! Well not really 100%, I didn’t paint the light pink parts and the clear green parts, but the rest I patiently hand painted! XD

And here he is! presenting to you 1/144 HG Ghirarga painted build! =3

As you can see I painted the red parts with metallic red, I mixed the metallic red paint myself since I could not find any ready made metallic red paint at my local hobby store.

I did not have any formula or ratio in mixing my Tamiya X-7 Red and my Tamiya X-11 Chrome Silver, I just bought an empty mixing bottle and just mixed them until I was satisfied with the shade and added some Tamiya acrylic thinner X-20A. I hope it turned out okay.. 😀

Then I painted all the yellow parts with Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf, then the joints and grey parts with Tamiya X-10 Gun Metal. I really love how the Gun Metal paint turns the dull plastic grey into a nice metallic finish!

I left the pink parts with its original color since I did not have any bright ideas as to what other color might look cool on him. For his torso, the black part I painted with metallic black Mr. Color No. 78.

I was inspired to do this because I really want to have an MG 1/100 Sinanju kit in the future and custom paint it like crazy. =3

But doing all of this hand painting in an HG kit made me realize how much work hand painting is! And it would be such a pain to do in an MG kit right? I would need an airbrush or cans of spray paint for an easier job, but they’re quite expensive.. that’s why for now I’m resorting to hand painting because a paint brush and some bottles of paint and a steady hand is cheaper! XD

I don’t think I will be hand painting everything again for my next build though.. its such a paint.. i mean pain.. and lots of time needed! =3

I only did some minor panel lining on him.

I have not done a 100% clean job as I was using up too much time already on this kit and have to spend time on something else more important.

I’m not quite satisfied with my work though, I could have done better. But.. priorities are priorities I guess. =3

Ghirarga with Ghirarga spear! =3

The spear can be separated into two individual blades. =3

I forgot to sharpen his spear.. would’ve looked better yes? XD

He’s taller than most of my HG kits. =3

The Ghirarga bits (the clear green parts) are cool! As I am a sucker for clear parts! =3 Bits can be deployed from his knees, elbows and back if I’m not mistaken.

He can also use his Ghiraga tail as his weapon! Looks like some kind of whip, I rarely see an MS with a tail, he will be my first MS with a tail. =3

I had a hard time assembling the tail as the wire that is holding the tail parts was pretty exact in terms of diameter with the hole of the tail parts XD

Here is his back bits that can be opened and closed like a flower. LoL. =3

His knee and elbow bits also looks like it can be opened and closed.

Now for articulations, his ankles can go straight 180 degrees. =3

He has a nice leg bending capability as well, better than most HGs 🙂

As for his leg joints, that’s as much as the legs can go because the side skirts are in the way.

Arm articulation is also great for Ghirarga. =3

His waist can go a full 360 degree turn.

His head can also do that 360 degree turn, but I’m not going to show it as it will look weird! XD

Well, to sum it up as always:

What I like about this kit

1. Easy build except for the damn tail.

2. Taller then most of my HGs

3. He’s in red! We all love red MS’s don’t we? =3

4. He has a tail that can also be used as a weapon!

5. Ghirarga bits! Nice clear green parts!

6. Overall nice MS design in my opinion, but the best in mind for me for red MS’s is still Sinanju. =3

What I don’t like about this kit:

1. The pink parts on the knees and elbows keeps falling off! They’re loose..

2. The tail took me a long time to assemble! Had to drill the tail parts hole a bit bigger for the wire to easily go through..

3. The wing part on his back are also kind of loose and can easily pop off while posing..

Well, that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed my post after a long period of time of not posting! XD I’m not hand painting everything again haha! Such a pain to do! XD


19 thoughts on “HG 1/144 Ghirarga

    1. Well, personally, I find it easier to paint using a brush with a flat tip instead of the pointy one. Its also vital to have a paint palette in mixing paint and thinner to have a nice even coat when you brush the paint on the plastic surface. 🙂 I’ll make a guide in the future on how I do this. 🙂


  1. Nice paint job there, the surface is now both rough and metallic.
    Would’ve gotten this but… dunno. It doesn’t give the fizzy tingle on getting.

    p.s. it would be nice to use the nextpage function so it doesn’t make the page loading too long…


  2. Yay! Another red-themed suit about! Salutes you for handpainting it and even taking the time to mix the colors and stuff. =3
    Can’t wait for you to start on Sinanju next! I like Sazabi more but Sinanju is crazy awesome too!


  3. If I did not read the post properly, I would not notice that this is actually hand painted. Great job. Great job there mate!

    Seeing Ghirarga reinforces the thought that there’s idea recycling going on. “Feels very Epyonish” the Ghigarga that is.


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