1/8 Metamo Figure Tsuruya-san Neko Version by Bandai

DSC_0080 Hello everyone! I present to you 1/8 Metamo Figure Tsuruya-san Neko Version by Bandai! I got her at a charity toy auction where I was the first and last bidder! XD Nobody bid against me and I found that odd.. 

DSC_0109 Her cat suit can change color! Depending on the temperature! That’s the reason why I bid first and am glad nobody challenged me.DSC_0108 She’s not the ideal figure because of lots of imperfections but I’m contented with her since I got her with such a low price (less than half the original price) and she would be my first ever 1/8 scale figure.DSC_0107

Oh and its my first time trying out an outdoor photoshoot! So please bear with the photos! XDDSC_0105 She actually has nice curves and details around her body. =3DSC_0102 DSC_0100 DSC_0099 DSC_0096 Her hair is not that great but it should do! 🙂DSC_0092 DSC_0091

You can see the seam lines across her hair. Anyway I won’t be displaying her facing her back on the audience. 😀DSC_0090 Looks like I’ll be doing more outdoor photography in the future, I like how the outdoor photos turned out! The sunlight really has a natural effect on the subject (duh to myself! that’s why its called natural light source) XDDSC_0089 I wonder why I didn’t try this sooner! Its so much better than indoor photography with the hassle of setting up various artificial light sources and soft boxes.DSC_0087 But then again outdoor and indoor photography have their own pros and cons! right? When the sun is covered by clouds or maybe its raining.. then you won’t be able to do outdoor photography if you wanted very bright photos, well unless you’re going to shoot with a rainy background then I think that would be fine? Haha! XDDSC_0086 If I wanted to have nice well lit outdoor photos, I would need to position the subject well depending where the sun is. For indoor photography.. I guess the cons are that its really a hassle to setup everything especially if you have a small amount of space. I convert my gunpla workspace into a computer desktop workspace then into a indoor photography setup later on XD All in one Ikea workdesk :)) Pros would be that you have control over your lighting and background.. you can choose whatever color of light you want and the background and setting too!DSC_0085 I lover her smile/laugh fusion like expression. And the one eye winced!=3DSC_0084 Her suit is suppose to change to a dark orange color if you put her in the fridge under 16 degrees Celsius. And it changes to yellow above 30 degrees Celsius if I’m not mistaken, I haven’t tried it yet though, I actually don’t want to put her in the fridge.. XD Its cruel! :))DSC_0082

That’s it for Tsuruya san! Thanks for reading! Hope to get some more figures in the future, its just that they are really so expensive! XD


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