Danbo at the Office

Mini Danbo in my office for a day, random photoshoot. In progress? A dead graphics processor. XD RJ-san is selling food at the office! Some books that is taking RJ-san a long time to read. Miso soup anyone? It’s yummy for … Continue reading

Nendoroid #133b Queen’s Blade Cattleya 2P Ver.

Hi guys! Time for a review! Here’s Queen’s Blade’s Cattleya! I got her from Philippines summer ToyCon 2013 in a mystery bag. She came with 1/7 Fate Testarossa Plain Clothes Ver. (An Oath and a Little Wish) inside the mystery bag. This will … Continue reading

Random Photoshoot

Hi! Here are some random photos that I took in testing out my new Nikkor 50mm 1.8g lens! I am very happy with the results! Superb light intake and sharpness! I will be posting some reviews with regards to some of … Continue reading

1/7 Fate Testarossa Plain Clothes Ver. (An Oath and a Little Wish)

Hi guys! This going to be my first 1/7 PVC anime figure review!  1/7 Fate Testarossa Plain Clothes Ver. by Alter! I got her during the Philippine Toy Convention 2013 at the Hobby Japan magazine booth! They had a special offer … Continue reading

Ozine Fest 2013 (figure display photos)

Here are just some photos of Team Onichan’s figure display during Ozine Fest 2013, got bored during this event, nothing new. Same old stuff, maid cafe, gunpla caravan, cosplay contests and band contests, stalls etc. Enjoy the photos since I … Continue reading

My Current Collection

I just reorganized my toys inside my Ikea Detolf and oh my they’re cramped up already XD Wanted to show my current collection so far.. some items have not gone through reviews and photoshoots yet.. =3

1/8 Metamo Figure Tsuruya-san Neko Version by Bandai

 Hello everyone! I present to you 1/8 Metamo Figure Tsuruya-san Neko Version by Bandai! I got her at a charity toy auction where I was the first and last bidder! XD Nobody bid against me and I found that odd..