HG 1/144 Aegis Gundam

So I was about to ask Haruhi-san to help me with my next review when..

(sorry for the small text, didn’t notice it until I was finished XD)

*^correction, here are THE parts XD, was sleepy when I made this.

What I like about this kit:

1. Color scheme is nice!

2. He is a remake of an old Gundam model! Good thing Bandai decided to remake the old model kits.

3. Easy build, just took time in cleaning out nib marks. >.<

4. Can transform into Mobile Armor Mode.

5. He has clear stickers that look like decals, similar to RG kits.

6. No loose parts that falls off when trying to pose.

What I don’t like about this kit:

1. Torso can’t twist due to its design to be able to transform into Mobile Armor

2. Few armaments, although his ‘Scylla’ can do helluva damage!

3. Attachment/adaptor to an action base is a little loose, but manageable.

Tune in for the next gunpla review! 😀