HG 1/144 Gundam Age-2 Normal

Hello! Time for another gunpla review! He is my first gunpla kit under the Age series, I got the newest model because he looks interesting, the kit looks promising but let’s just take a look at what’s what! =3

Enjoy! 😀

What I like about this kit:

1. Nice balance of white, red, blue and yellow colors, even if its standard protagonist gundam color scheme.

2. Cool set of wings! Not too large of a wing, but not too small too! Simple but elegant.

3. Can transform into strider mode!

4. Overall design is simple yet sleek and clean.

5. Most nib marks are now hidden, maybe included in the design process of this kit? Its a 2011 kit.

6. No “front skirts keep on popping off when posing” disease!

7. Arms and legs can bend to  a acute angle of less than 90 degrees! More articulation possible! (Most HG gunplas can only bend up to 90 degrees)

What I don’t like about this kit:

1. I actually don’t have any complains on this HG kit, this is a must have in my opinion! 😀

2. The only cons that I see is that he has few armaments, and small feet? 😀

Well that’s it! Hope you guys liked this post! Thanks for reading! Up next will be a mobile suit! It’s color scheme is blue, can anyone guess? and yes its still and HG kit! 😀