HG 1/144 MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom

Hello again! It’s time for a HG gunpla review!! Well, this was suppose to be posted last weekend, but as I said on my previous post, I got sick since Saturday up until now. I’m a bit better, but still I’m coughing hard! Good thing I already went to my family doctor and have proper prescriptions of appropriate medicine for my condition. XD

I’ve been on sick leave for two days now, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get back to work. I’ve had some time today to finish up this review.. so.. enjoy!! I’ll use the gallery feature of WordPress again since I don’t have the time now to attach each image to this post, just click on the 1st image and the gallery will show up. 🙂

What I like about this kit:

1. He just generally looks bad ass due to his…

2. Gaturing Shieldo!!! (Gatling Shield)

3. I like his shade of blue! A change if color theme from the usual zaku-type mobile suit.

4. His heat sword can be kept within the Gatling Shield

5. If he has to discard his Gatling Shield (which he can easily do due to its design), there is another weapon hidden beneath the Gatling Shield, which is the 3-Barrel 35mm Machine Gun!

6. He comes with an open hand manipulator for more dynamic poses.

7. His Heat Wire is also cool! But I lost the wire, he should have been more cooler with it! T_T

8. His legs can bend more compared to usual HG kits. 🙂

What I don’t like about this kit

1. He doesn’t have protection for his eyes! Doesn’t have a visor or anything, not like the MG version of Gouf Custom, oh well it is an HG kit.

2. 90 degree arm articulation limit.

3. You can move his eyes in the direction desired, BUT you have to do it manually.. hassle.. XD

4. The power tubes are only single pieces of plastic, unlike for the RG Zaku, the power tube has separate rings..

Well that’s it!! Hmm.. I wonder what gunpla kit I will build and submit in the upcoming gunpla building competition this coming summer in my country.. haven’t decided yet, I might try custom colors. Any suggestions on what to build for the contest? Can be either MG or HG, anyways one contestant can submit up to 3 entries! 😀


12 thoughts on “HG 1/144 MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom

  1. I’ve just finished this kit too :). It has very limited waist and skirt articulations, but the legs articulation makes up for it, and it has a very sharp look. And I do agree that it’s gatling shield is really awesome XD.


  2. Man you took alot of pictures even though you were sick. Hope you are feeling better now. =)

    The Gouf looks really kick-ass but I always wondered all the bright colours the mono-eyed suits always seem to get. I mean if you are in a war, do you want to be running around in bright blue or even pink (Gaza C)? Although Zakus are green…

    nice build there, the topcoat really adds to the overall feel. Still a sticker for the mono-eye just feels cheap. I believe you can get accessories like clear plastic eyes and glue it on, looks more menacing. =3


    1. Haha yes I was also surprised that I was able to take a lot of pictures. XD and yes I am feeling better now! thanks! 😀

      Haha you have a point, but maybe I guess the enemies will get scared, because they’ll know that if they see a bright blue mobile suit… time to run! :))

      Yes I do agree, I wish it had been like my MG Rick-dom, where its eye was a clear part and I painted it with clear red and came out nice! 😀


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