HG 1/144 RX-0 Gundam Unicorn [Destroy Mode]

Hello everyone! At last I have finished editing and uploading all the images! So this is RX0 Gundam Unicorn in destroy mode, I semicustom painted him to look better and I tried out dry brushing. For the inner frame I used Tamiya gold spray paint, for the panel lines I used the finest Tamiya hobby paint brush that I could find and some Gundam marker red. Some thrusters were painted titanium gold, and some metallic grey. I also painted the beam magnum gold and dry brushed it with some titanium gold.

Well, I call him the golden white warrior! XD I still can’t think of a proper name for him as he will be my entry for the Gunpla competition this coming May 2012. I still plan to make a diorama for him for the presentation points, and maybe some decals would be nice. For now I will just show you the basic kit and the painting.

Competition details can be found here :


Without further ado, I give you the golden white warrior! (crappy name), enjoy the images!: ( it’s a whopping 149 images XD)

What I like about this kit:

1. Everything! Maybe I’m biased because I really like Unicorn OVA mobile suit designs, but he is just awesome overall!

2. Unique overall design of the Gundam.

3. It is in destroy mode! Who doesn’t want a Gundam Unicorn in Destory mode??

4. Nice psycho frame effect parts!

5. Better articulation than most standard HG kits.

6. Love the head unit design, especially the v-fin, one of a kind!

7. The beam magnum! One of the strongest Gundam artillery that I know of! Modeled nicely!

8. No popping of front skirts disease or any other joint popping or loosely connected parts and joints.

9. Has a lot of detail for an HG kit! Was quite surprised myself! A lot of potential for customization.

10. Shield design is also commendable!

11. The kit comes with a limited edition 1/48 head display base! that can transform from unicorn to destroy mode and vice versa! How cool is that! Although I haven’t started to build and model it yet. Maybe I’ll do it along with the diorama? 😀

What I don’t like about this kit:

1. That only thing that was a letdown was that they did not include any beam sabers! Just the hilts.. No beam effect parts! Just sad that I will not be able to pose him dual wielding or even quadra wielding his beam sabers! Maybe I could borrow some other kit’s beam sabers? =3

Well that’s it for this post! Wish us again some luck for the upcoming competition! We’re going to need it as there are a lot of PRO Gunpla builders out there! I’m still an amateur so.. XD

Tune in next time and expect a diorama! or maybe the head display base first? =3