HG 1/144 Gundam RX-78 GP02A Type-MLRS

Hello guys! I’ve been studying Nihongo lately, so far I’ve just learnt hiragana, basic greetings and subjects! Hajimemashite! Watashiwa RJ desu! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! 😀

I plan to study more and take the Japanese certification exam on December in my country, I plan to take N3 level! Hope I pass.. XD

Anyway!! Time for another gunpla review! This time I tried to build an HG kit that is a

little bit more expensive than usual HGs, its just that he really caught my eye and he looks cool on the illustrations.

I also took courage to semi-custom paint this kit since I bought some Tamiya paint from Lil’s hobby shop! I hope it turns out good! Without further ado! I introduce to you HG 1/144 Gundam RX-78 GP02A Type-MLRS!! Enjoy!! 😀

Oh btw, the paints I used in this kit are Metallic Dark Grey, Titanium Gold, Copper, Blue, Red and Yellow! 🙂 Just click on an image for the gallery to appear! 😀

**OKAY WTF?! WordPress is screwing with me, I can’t seem to fix the order of the images properly, whether I sort it ascending or descending, it ends up the same where the 1st image should be the last image! XD

Anyway, just click the last image and go leftwards instead.. XD


At last fixed the god damned pictures, added some missing pics too.. 🙂

So what do you guys think about the paint? XD

What I like about this kit:

1. He just looks cool on display!

2. I love the MLRS!

3. The bazooka is quite nice, huge like Rick-Dom’s bazooka.

4. A lot of detail to panel line for an HG kit!

5. A lot of custom painting potential!

6. I like the overall design, especially the shoulder armor with thrusters, the MLRS  and his huge shield!

7. He has a damn huge shield with half of the bazooka hiding behind it.

8. The thrusters in the shoulder armor can be turned up and down as can be seen on the images.

9. The beam sabers are of different color than usual pink sabers, its neon green!! I love it!

What I don’t like about this kit:

1. I didn’t like the dirty white greyish default color of its armor.

2. There is not much articulation with his legs and it seems awkward to try to pose him at certain poses.

3. Movement of the arms are pretty much constricted because of the MLRS at his back, although he can move his arms alright to the front.

4. Foil stickers suck! That’s why I didn’t use any!

5. The shield is pretty heavy, especially when half the bazooka is stored behind it, its very troublesome to attach the shield to his hands and pose him, the shield keeps on falling off his hands.

6. Something is wrong with the articulation of his legs.. Its just that its quite different from usual HG kits. He can’t bend his legs much and do more dynamic poses. But anyway, he isn’t designed to have dynamic poses since HE IS a heavy assault unit! XD

7. The arms have a bad design, both left and right arms keep on falling off the shoulder joints during posing, especially that he carries heavy armaments!

8. Personally didn’t like the design of his head.. XD

9. The bazooka is really hard to setup with everything falling off! the hands, the arms! XD The only sturdy parts are the shoulder armor, body and legs.

10. The connecting  joint of the MLRS to his backpack is a little loose too that in time it will slowly sag down, Well it can be fixed with some white glue! Tighten it a bit. 😀

11. The holes of his hands to hold weapons is a little big that he has problems holding the beam sabers. Only at certain angles can he hold the sabers properly.

12. Overall, I had a troublesome time posing him! XD

That’s it for today! My next project would probably my entry for the upcoming gunpla building competition this coming summer! Hope I can pull off some badass mobile suit! Till next time! 😀