Viewer Request : Rick-Dom

Hello! Been sick these past few days, that’s why I wasn’t able to make a post last weekend, hopefully this coming weekend I’ll be able to post my next review! And hope my cough and sore throat goes away soon so that I can get back to work! >.<

For now, I will be fulfilling a request, actually it’s already late but I did it anyways, this is a request from a viewer! Basically he just wants some specific poses and images for Rick-Dom for the viewer to draw. ^^,  Hope you like it! And I hope its not too late! 😀

I asked Haruhi-san to help me with this..

Just click the 1st picture and the image gallery will open! ^^, I have not yet tried using the image gallery in a post, so there! 🙂

Tune in for my review! ^^,


6 thoughts on “Viewer Request : Rick-Dom

  1. Ah yes, the predecessor for the Dreissen (which I have). One thing that I really like about this kit is it’s (movable) eyes, which the HGUC Dreissen don’t have (BTW, I had done a post on how I modded).


  2. I will always remember the Dom for their jetstream attack…and how they got pwned by Amuro..=3
    Credit to the Tri-stars was a really good technique. =D


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