HG 1/144 RX-0 Gundam Unicorn [Destroy Mode]

Hello everyone! At last I have finished editing and uploading all the images! So this is RX0 Gundam Unicorn in destroy mode, I semicustom painted him to look better and I tried out dry brushing. For the inner frame I used Tamiya gold spray paint, for the panel lines I used the finest Tamiya hobby paint brush that I could find and some Gundam marker red. Some thrusters were painted titanium gold, and some metallic grey. I also painted the beam magnum gold and dry brushed it with some titanium gold.

Well, I call him the golden white warrior! XD I still can’t think of a proper name for him as he will be my entry for the Gunpla competition this coming May 2012. I still plan to make a diorama for him for the presentation points, and maybe some decals would be nice. For now I will just show you the basic kit and the painting.

Competition details can be found here :


Without further ado, I give you the golden white warrior! (crappy name), enjoy the images!: ( it’s a whopping 149 images XD)

What I like about this kit:

1. Everything! Maybe I’m biased because I really like Unicorn OVA mobile suit designs, but he is just awesome overall!

2. Unique overall design of the Gundam.

3. It is in destroy mode! Who doesn’t want a Gundam Unicorn in Destory mode??

4. Nice psycho frame effect parts!

5. Better articulation than most standard HG kits.

6. Love the head unit design, especially the v-fin, one of a kind!

7. The beam magnum! One of the strongest Gundam artillery that I know of! Modeled nicely!

8. No popping of front skirts disease or any other joint popping or loosely connected parts and joints.

9. Has a lot of detail for an HG kit! Was quite surprised myself! A lot of potential for customization.

10. Shield design is also commendable!

11. The kit comes with a limited edition 1/48 head display base! that can transform from unicorn to destroy mode and vice versa! How cool is that! Although I haven’t started to build and model it yet. Maybe I’ll do it along with the diorama? 😀

What I don’t like about this kit:

1. That only thing that was a letdown was that they did not include any beam sabers! Just the hilts.. No beam effect parts! Just sad that I will not be able to pose him dual wielding or even quadra wielding his beam sabers! Maybe I could borrow some other kit’s beam sabers? =3

Well that’s it for this post! Wish us again some luck for the upcoming competition! We’re going to need it as there are a lot of PRO Gunpla builders out there! I’m still an amateur so.. XD

Tune in next time and expect a diorama! or maybe the head display base first? =3


14 thoughts on “HG 1/144 RX-0 Gundam Unicorn [Destroy Mode]

  1. Yes, this is one of the more uniquely designed among the UC series of Gundams.

    By the way, careful with the saber hilts on the backpack, then are VERY easy to break the pegs… Which it had happened to me… T_T

    All the best for the competition. Hopefully you bag a prize. =)

    Beam magmum, over-powering?…
    Tell that to the Wing Zero’s Twin Buster Rifle… >.>


  2. Great job on you’re entry but beware, there are a lot of wolves in gunpla contests. Good luck!
    The Unicorn OVA did have unique mecha design for the new MS (Unicorn, Sinanju, etc) but what interests me most are the returning MS from the old series (Marasia, Dreissen, heck even a Zaku II !(


  3. Nice job! It’s cool with the gold for his armour and overall looks real clean and smart. =D
    I would prefer decals to go along with ver Ka designs but that’s just me..do what you think is best. Good luck! =D


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