Gunpla Teaser

Hello! So it’s been a long while since my last post.. 2 weeks and 2 days! Why? Its because I have been building carefully my Gunpla entry for the upcoming Gunpla competition this May in my country! I just want it to be perfect and have a fighting chance for the contest, for all I know there are a lot of hardcore Gunpla builders in my country.

Actually I’ve finished building and painting the kit, it took me more than 2 weeks since I semi-custom painted it and tried out drybrushing! I just hope it turns out a good sight for the judges.. or else I’m screwed! XD

Why do I not make the whole post? because I freaking took tons of pictures that will take a while to edit and upload! =3 Hopefully I’ll be able to finish everything and post what I’ve done for this kit this weekend.

For now, its just a teaser! Akashingou might have already guessed what kit this is, for those who have not, you can take a guess!

Here are some other teaser images:

Yes I used lots of gold! Is this familiar? Well it’s on a different color but if you have watched  the animation.. I guess it looks familiar?

For the final teaser.. this will be a giveaway! I think its already obvious what kit this is with this image:

That’s it for this teaser post, its just to inform the viewers what I have been up to.. =3 This is the longest time I’ve spent on a kit! Stay tuned for the whole detailed post! =3


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