Space Center Nanoblock

So I decided to finally finish building this nanoblock, was suppose to build this last January but it got delayed again and again (procrastination I guess). Anyway, its finished! It was fun to build and has a nice final output! 🙂

It was pretty challenging to build due to the massive amount of small blocks!

What I like about this nanoblock:

1. A lot of blocks!

2. I like the design of the space center, how it is made into blocks!

3. The bright orange color adds “life” to the model, imagine that it is all in grey, white and black, would have been boring.

4. Had fun building it! 🙂

5. Its tall! taller than a Figma and HG Gunplas XD

6. They provided a lot of spare blocks.

What I don’t like about this nanoblock:

1. Hmm.. nothing actually, expected that it would be troublesome to build because of the vast amount of the smallest unit of block. But it turned out okay and parts didn’t came falling down and stuff.

For those who want to try out nanoblock, I would recommend this model! =3 or the Kaminarimon or the Grand Piano. 🙂

Image Gallery :


3 thoughts on “Space Center Nanoblock

  1. oh wow it’s really quite big…it’s taller than Haruhi so if you find some appropriate ones, they can be used as convincing props!

    Although it seems simple enough..the large amount of small pieces makes my eyes dazzle. =3


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