Ozine Fest 2012 – Part I (Figure Exhibit Table 1)

I went to this year’s Ozine Fest! It’s already been years since the last time I went to a Ozine Fest! For this year they had a figure collector’s exhibit, organized by Team-Onichan, there were a lot of figures whether it be 1/8 scale pvc statues, nendos and figmas, I took a LOT of pictures so I will be posting everything part by part.

Various events were held and there were a lot of toy, anime stores. Events included a LoL tournament, Anime Karaoke contest, Anime Band contest, straight build gunpla competition (which in my opinion really sucked, will explain in the next posts), cosplay competition, eating contests, anime figure photo shoot contest and art contests.

Booths include a Matsuri Area where there is a Takoyaki booth, fish scooping booth, lottery booth, throw rings booth, dart the balloon booth and some mock up shrines. Will show this in the coming posts. Others booths are Gakuensai School Festival which included a horror booth, henna tatoo booth, food booth and a tarot card fortune telling booth.

There is the usual Maid cafe for the boys and the Ozine Host Club for the girls. My favorite area is the Indie Artist booth, there were about 10+ amazing artists that sketch, illustrate and color various original anime characters or their own characters. They really have some amazing work! They sell and commission their work, the simple illustrations and sketches are afforable, about 25~50php each, for the more complicated illustrations with color, it would cost around 100~300+php each.

Now for the images, 1st up would be the figure exhibit!! Table one! (Just the first table I stumbled upon, not really numbered or anything.)

Hachikuji Mayoi:

Hanekawa Tsubasa:

Oshino Shinobu:

Black Hanekawa:

That’s it for table one! I really like Kousaka Kirino’s figures! Tune in for the next parts! There’s really a lot more.. XD

Image Gallery:


8 thoughts on “Ozine Fest 2012 – Part I (Figure Exhibit Table 1)

  1. Some cool display of figures there 😀 Is this like an event where the collectors shows what they have or more like Wonfes where the figures comes from the companies that makes it?


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