[Personal] Purgatory: My First Indie Game

Hello guys! For the past months I have been learning how to make games using the Unity3D game engine. I wanted to be a indie game developer so to start-off I had to learning a game engine and I chose Unity3D because there are a lot of tutorials and resources available around the internet as well as free assets in the asset store. So far, I had lots of fun in using Unity and its becoming another hobby of mine besides Gunpla.

And after a month or so of learning and fiddling around the game engine, I have come up with my first working game. It’s a very simple game and one of the concepts that I learned in developing my first game is that you just have to produce your minimum viable product that you can have people start playing and testing for feedback. Spending too much time on complex mechanics and game assets will eat up a lot of a game developer’s time, especially when he is flying solo.

Anyway, the game’s called Purgatory. I love FPS horror games like Amnesia and FEAR and they are my inspiration in creating the environment for this game. Game mechanics are simple, you just have to find the objects listed on the screen and that’s it! Take note that this game is just the minimum viable product, so keep your expectations low! :p

Here are some screenshots:

And here is the actual game, I made two builds one for web deployment, one for PC, I recommend playing the PC version. 🙂

Web Build: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27586876/unity/Purgatory/Purgatory.html

Note: You have to install Unity Web Player if you want to play this game in your browser using the web build, just click on the link and it will prompt you to install Unity Web Player if you still don’t have it. Though recent updates to Chrome browser disabled the Unity Web Player plugin as mentioned here: http://snip.ly/o5AR#http://twiik.net/articles/google-chrome-just-killed-the-unity-web-player, so you have to use Firefox instead or follow the instructions on the article on how to re-enable the Unity Web Player in Chrome.

PC Build: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27586876/unity/Purgatory/Purgatory.7z

PC Build is easier, just download the 7z file, extract it and run the Purgatory.exe file. 🙂

Have fun! And feel free to ask questions and comments 😀


9 thoughts on “[Personal] Purgatory: My First Indie Game

      1. well the graphics seems to be familiar like the slenderman, and the game you are making it was Good!! uh nope not good but It was Awesome!! 😀 is this horror type of game you are making?

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