Nendoroid #133b Queen’s Blade Cattleya 2P Ver.

DSC_1797 copy

Hi guys! Time for a review! Here’s Queen’s Blade’s Cattleya! I got her from Philippines summer ToyCon 2013 in a mystery bag. She came with 1/7 Fate Testarossa Plain Clothes Ver. (An Oath and a Little Wish) inside the mystery bag.

DSC_1798 copy

This will be my first ever Nendoroid figure. Upon searching information about this figure, I found out that this is a limited edition. I planned to sell it but in the end I decided to keep it for myself as my first Nendoroid.

Let’s take a look at the box:

DSC_1800 copy

DSC_1802 copy

DSC_1803 copy

DSC_1804 copy

Nothing special about the box, normal nendoroid box. I recently noticed that newer Nendoroid have a newer box layout yes? The one with the big numbers on the side.

Here are the extra parts: 1 extra body, 1 extra face plate, 2 extra legs that are in sitting position, 2 arms, and a hand for handling the spear.DSC_1805 copy

Some simple shoots to showcase the figure:

DSC_1806 copy

DSC_1809 copy

DSC_1810 copy

DSC_1811 copy

DSC_1812 copy

DSC_1813 copy

DSC_1814 copy

DSC_1815 copy

The spear is sculpted well, no paint bleeds whatsoever.

DSC_1818 copy

DSC_1819 copy

Should I display her using this pose?:

DSC_1820 copy

DSC_1821 copy

DSC_1822 copy

She comes with another figure, a boy who I don’t know because I have no idea yet about Queen’s Blade.

DSC_1823 copy

DSC_1824 copy

DSC_1825 copy

DSC_1826 copy

DSC_1827 copy

Overall, I’m quite surprised by the quality of this Nendoroid figure, no paint bleeds, colors are correct and solid, no paint transfers, sculpt is superb! So far I did not encounter any problems with this Nendoroid, aside from the fact that she can’t stand on her own, but most Nendoroids do not stand on their own anyway right? If you’re a fan of Queen’s Blade, then this is a nice figure to have!

Till next post! Thanks for viewing! 🙂

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Random Photoshoot


Hi! Here are some random photos that I took in testing out my new Nikkor 50mm 1.8g lens! I am very happy with the results! Superb light intake and sharpness! I will be posting some reviews with regards to some of my new hauls soon. For now, enjoy the few photos! Loading might take a while since I uploaded the original full resolution photos so bear with it. 🙂

Figure Photoshoot: Nendoroid: Saber Super Moveable

Yeah, who doesn’t love Saber! Though I haven’t watched the original anime series, I find Saber a very appealing character, beautiful yet honorable and brave! Who would’ve thought that the one who was wielding the Excalibur, King Arthur, was a woman! In fact a very lovely lady! Yeah I have only watched the a Fate Zero series since I still don’t have the time to download the original series and watch them yet.

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Nendoroid : Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver.

This Nendoroid was done at NicoNico Super Kaigi! It was made in about 12 and a half hours! That’s a lot of time! Super Sonico is Nitroplus‘ mascot character, she will be joining the Nendoroid series! Pre-order is already available! =3

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Figure Photoshoot: Haruhi Nendoroid Petite

These are, as it is obvious, some adorable Haruhi gashapons! Not owned by me though, a friend bought it at Japan a few years back. Just took photos of them since they are insanely adorable! =3

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Ozine Fest 2012 – Part I (Figure Exhibit Table 1)

I went to this year’s Ozine Fest! It’s already been years since the last time I went to a Ozine Fest! For this year they had a figure collector’s exhibit, organized by Team-Onichan, there were a lot of figures whether it be 1/8 scale pvc statues, nendos and figmas, I took a LOT of pictures so I will be posting everything part by part.

Various events were held and there were a lot of toy, anime stores. Events included a LoL tournament, Anime Karaoke contest, Anime Band contest, straight build gunpla competition (which in my opinion really sucked, will explain in the next posts), cosplay competition, eating contests, anime figure photo shoot contest and art contests.

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