Toy Con 2013 Philippines

Toy Con 2013

Hi guys! I went to the annual Toy Convention last Saturday and boy, there were a lot of people! The queue to the ticket booth was long! Good thing I went early and did not experience any lines. Though the tickets to the convention could actually be bought online, I guess a good number of people does not know that. Anyway, without further delay, here are my photos during the convention, it’s mostly toy displays:

Till next time! Thanks for visiting!


6 thoughts on “Toy Con 2013 Philippines

  1. I went on 2nd day, it’s already 4pm ang haba pa rin ng pila! Grabe. I was able to meet and greet some peeps I know in toy community. Though I missed meeting you. 🙂
    It was a fun and great event. ^^


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