MG 1/100 RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam


Hi guys! I present to you RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam!

This kit is a P-Bandai Hobby Shop exclusive and I had him bought by a friend from Japan. This is the “Grandfather Gundam”, older than the famous RX-78-2.

I just did a clean straight build, put the default water slide decals on, some basic panel lining and sealed everything with clear matte coat. I wanted to preserve the original colors and design of this limited edition kit.

The RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam is the third Mobile Suit produced under the Project V. RX-78-1 design placed emphasis on fast, close quarters combat. It was also the first to feature several new technologies, including the energy cap-based beam rifle (making the Gundam the first mobile suit to pack the firepower of a battleship) a beam saber and a beam javelin for close quarters. The Prototype Gundam also featured the Core Block System and the FF-X7 Core Fighter. (Gundam Wikia)

Let’s first have a look at the parts:

Core fighter parts:


Torso parts:DSC_3392

Head parts:DSC_3393Left and right arm parts:


Leg parts:DSC_3404

Waist parts:DSC_3405


And when everything is put together, he really projects the classic prototype image. You can find the inner frame post here.

DSC_3898 copy

DSC_3899 copy

DSC_3902 copyDSC_3905 copyDSC_3906 copy7777
DSC_3907 copyDSC_3908 copyDSC_3909 copyDSC_3910 copyDSC_3912 copyDSC_3913 copyDSC_3916 copyDSC_3917 copyDSC_3919 copy

The shield actually has a slider that can open and close the rectangular peep hole on the shield.DSC_3920 copyDSC_3921 copyDSC_3923 copy

I love the original MG hands that they included in this kit, not like the HG like MG hands included in EW kits.DSC_3924 copyDSC_3925 copyDual wielding is always awesome.DSC_3926 copyDSC_3927 copyDSC_3928 copyDSC_3929 copyDSC_3930 copyDSC_3931 copyDSC_3932 copy

Prototype Gundam trying to be “kawaii”:DSC_3933 copyDSC_3936 copy

Let’s have a look at the core fighter:DSC_3937 copyDSC_3938 copyDSC_3939 copyDSC_3940 copyDSC_3941 copyDSC_3942 copyDSC_3943 copyThe front vents can be moved up and down:DSC_3946 copyDSC_3947 copyBreak dancing to show leg articulation:

DSC_3950 copyDSC_3951 copyDSC_3953 copyDSC_3954 copyOn his right part of his waist can be opened to house the Beam Rifle:DSC_3955 copyDSC_3956 copyDSC_3957 copyThe shield can be attached on his back when not in use:

DSC_3958 copyDSC_3959 copy

Some more photos:DSC_3960 copyDSC_3961 copyDSC_3962 copyDSC_3963 copyDSC_3964 copyDSC_3965 copy

Well that’s it for the photos!

Things I like about this kit:

1. It’s the Prototype Gundam! Love the original design and colors.

2. The inner frame articulation is impressive, I expected it to be similar with RX-78-2 Ver. Ka but this kit is way better than that.

3. First kit I encountered that included pure water slide decals! Pain to put on but was worth it!

4. Inner frame details are impressive.

5. Shield handling is stable.

6. Water slide decals have a lot of extras.

Things I don’t like about this kit:

1. Loose back ankle armor.

2. Original MG hands still has weapon holding issues.

3. Front cockpit armor is loose.

4. V-fin is loose.

5. Side skirts keep popping out when posing.

Final Remarks:

Despite some loose parts, he is a nice kit to have since he is a classic! I do not regret buying this kit. Water slide decals amount is generous, articulation is impressive. Thanks for viewing! Till next post~!